Thursday, January 19, 2017

Icecream PDF Candy Desktop Pro 2.53 Multilingual Portable

pdf candy is a very useful software for our daily computer works from home and office. very useful pdf candy tools. You can get all facilities from the software when your computer is connected to the internet. Icecream PDF Candy Desktop Pro 2.53 Multilingual Portable. Pdf candy is a online software is created by Icecream apps team. This software available in English, Français, Deutsch, Español and Русский languages. When you use PDFcandy you can upload file from Dropbox, Google drive or simply drag and dropping files from your computer.

PDF Candy features

  • Convert PDF to Word

  • PDF file to Word

  • PDF file to jpg

  • jpg to PDF

  • Merge PDF file

  • Split PDF file

  • Compress PDF files

  • Unlock PDF file

  • Protecting PDF files

  • Rotate and save PDF files

  • Adding watermark to PDF document

  • Delete pages on PDF document

  • Convert EPUB to PDF file

  • Convert MOBI to PDF file

  • FB2 to PDF type

  • PDF to TIFF

  • Convert PNG to PDF file

  • TIFF to PDF file

  • BMP to PDF file

  • PDF to PNG

  • ODT to PDF file

  • Exel document to PDF document

  • convert PPT to PDF

  • PDF to BMP
With these features you will able to doing your PDF works easily.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

How To Disable Kmplayer Side Box Ads [Permanent]

how to disable kmplayer side box

The latest software for removing KMplayer ads

KMplayer is one of the most popular video players in the world. You now reading....How To Disable Kmplayer Side Box Ads [Lifetime Solution]. The new version included new features, but still troublesome with some ads. Majority of people are leaving the player, because of it showing useless ads. So, if we use KMPlayer several times per day, when it is showing ads it increase our data wastage. Another thing is we wait some seconds to close the ad. We face some trouble opening player while connected to internet, Because of:

  • Slow down our computer

  • Data wastage

  • Unsafe images

  • Time wast

Read: How to reduce internet data usage
What is kmpAdRemover ?

It is software for windows kmplayer software users, It can remove kmplayer commercial ads.
Why kmpAdRemover ?

Programmers do that manually. But another people cannot do that, then kmpAdRemover helps them.

In sort
How to remove KMplayer ads ?

  1. Open kmpAdRemover.rar file by double click,

  2. Double click on kmpAdRemover.exe file,

  3. Scan Location[Scan->Scan Location] or Add your kmplayer installed location on first textbox,

  4. Click on "Remove Ads" button,

  5. Open your kmplayer software,

  6. Enjoy ! If you have trouble with understanding those... read below "Steps with Pictures".

Let's see how to resolve this issue

First, visit here (161KB) to download this software. Next unzip downloaded zip file using any unzip software like winrar. Now, open the file named kmpAdRemover.

Now you will see like below screen shot:

Then fine KMplayer installed location:

Copy location link

Past copied link in to Space named KMplayer location

Now click Remove ads

If you have trouble doing these steps. Download and install ads removed KMPlayer installation .exe file
How to show ads on kmplayer ?

  • First : Open kmpAdRemover.rar file by double click,

  • Next : Double click on kmpAdRemover.exe file,

  • Next : Scan Location[Scan->Scan Location] or Add your kmplayer installed location on first textbox,

  • Next : Click on "Release Ads" button,

  • Next : Open your kmplayer software,

  • After : Enjoy !

Technical information

  • Name = kmpAdRemover

  • Version = Application : 1.2 / Silent : 1.0

  • Old versions = 1.1 / 1.0

  • Author = Asitha Yomal

  • License = Freeware

  • Copyright = © 2016 Asitha Yomal. All Rights Reserved.

  • Web =

  • Rating= 5/5

eHost Real Review, Cons & Pros (Gone Offline)

Ehost Hosting Service Is Now Unavailable 


  • Domain - Unlimited domain hosting/Free .com domain for lifetime

  • Storage - Unlimited

  • Bandwidth - Unlimited

  • Uptime - 99.99%

  • cPanal - Include

  • E-mail accounts - Unlimited e-mail accounts

  • Price - $2.75/month (One of the Cheapest hosting with many features)

  • Money back guarantee - 45 days

eHost review

eHost is the only one cheapest hosting service with lot's of features. If you a beginner to making websites(or Nich marketing), This is the most suitable hosting for you. eHost featured lifetime free top level domain and 1 GB cloud storage for free. other hosting services only offer free domain for 1 year only. After 1 year you have to pay $14 or $16 every year. This price is higher then normal domain price. If you want to buy shared hosting, in my opinion eHost is good. If you are looking for VPS or dedicated hosting, you should good to try another hosting provider.

eHost features in details

eHost offered unlimited domain hosting with each shared hosting plan. They also offer .com domain name for free. when you host your website using eHost you cannot worry about your yearly domain fee, because eHost offered free domain for life time(Until you host usinh eHost)
Offered unlimited storage with 1 GB cloud storage. So you can backup your website any time to online cloud.
Advertising credit
This hosting gave a free advertising credit and bonus, because ehost partner with google and bing. So when we use any of eHost hosting plan we get free $2oo worth free advertising credit.
Uptime meaning the time in percentage of the month that your web site is running. They give 99.99% uptime guarantee. So only few minutes down our website per month 5-6 minutes. this is the normal.
Money back guarantee
45 day money back guarantee, so we can check there service and we satisfied hosting then we use continuously of we do not satisfied then we can get our money back
24/7/365 support, so we can get any support any time without waiting ticket.


Monthly payment
The only disadvantage is when you use eHost you must pay for 1 year or more years. You can't pay monthly like Hostgater hosting service, because eHost stopped a monthly payment method on may in past(2k15) year.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Bluehost Reviews Complaints 2018

Bluehost Features

  • Domain - Free .com domain name for one year/Unlimited domain hosting

  • Storage - Unlimited

  • Bandwidth - Unlimited

  • E-mail accounts - Unlimited

  • Uptime - 99.99%

  • Software - cPanal include/1 Click install – , Joomla and etc

  • Money back guarantee - 30 days
bluehost reviews complaints

Blue host is the one of the most popular hosting company. It’s started in 1996, basically featured shared hosting service. Bluehost started by Matt Heaton in 1996. He is the CEO of bluehost 1996-2011.In 2011 Dan Handy become as the CEO of the bluehost
Over 2.5 million websites hosted by bluehost hosting service. In this time bluehost offered additional hosting services, Include VPS, hosting and dedicated hosting service.
Pros of bluehost

They working 20 years of long time travel, because webmasters trust them and buying their services. Already over 2.5 million websites hosted on their hosting service. They give 30-days money back guarantee, so you can try hosting. If you cannot satisfied with their service then contact to bluehost help center. They refund your money to your account within few hour.
Free domain name
Bluehost hosting service offered free domain name(minimum $15 worth) for 1 year. Include shared, VPS and dedicated hosting plan.
Unlimited email accounts
You can create professional E-mail accounts to your website. (
Unlimited hosting space
So you don’t worry about uploading large size file like images, videos, software and Plug-ins
Unlimited domain hosting with on account
If you are a nich marketer, Absolutely you want to make more then one account. If you use bluehost you can host your all nich websites with one bluehost account
1 click software script installs

  • Wordp

  • Joomla

  • Drupal
So you don’t know about how to upload software to your website, don’t worry blue host offered automatic one click installs
24/7 responsive support
They gave 24/7/365 responsive support via email/phone/chat/knowledge base. If you have any problem you face while you use bluehost service. So you can get help form them any time. They response within sec. they have lot of technical experts, so you can solve your problems quickly.
Google, yahoo, ask, bing and other search engines take your side speed seriously for rank your website. So you should consider your side speed seriously. Bluehost use modern hardware and they seriously update there hardware every time. So your website get high speed and 99.99% uptime
Free domain name for one year

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How to Find Who Views My Facebook Profile 2018

Who views my facebook profile | Facebook is the most popular social media network in this time. It is a website that allows you to create accounts and upload videos, pictures, create pages, groups, and send messages to friends for free. Most of people don’t know about Facebook’s history and why Fb created in the start. So, I will give you sort information about Facebook’s history before I start out the guide.

how to find who views my facebook profile recently

In the start, Fb was created as a way for some university friends to stay in touch when they had left college. It’s grown since then to become one of the most popular online social media networks in the world.

What are reasons that it became on the most popular online social medias in the world

Read How to create fake id for Facebook | Unlock your account

How to see hidden friends on facebook

Facebook sticker meanings

Facebook (who views my facebook profile)

1. Fb is free online social media network.

2. Available in most languages,

3. Easy to use,

4. Free to upload photos, videos and statues,

5. It’s well designed for fast browsing.

6. Compatible with mobile, desktop and tablets, and unlimited storage.

7. Non-disturb few advertisements.

8. Available groups, pages and events with online chat features.

Now there are over million profiles available on Facebook. Like, comment and sharing features, add friend features and more positive features available when someone using Facebook. Above is the useful information about Facebook.

Ok, let’s start out the tutorial about how to find who views my facebook profile

Log in to your Fb account and go to your Fb profile page.

Step 2
Right click any space on the Facebook profile page and select view page source (or Press ctrl+u). New page opened-right

Step 3
Press ctrl+f and type “intialchatfriendlist” on the search bar and hit enter.

Step 4
Now you can see numbers like ‘1000012345625161-2” I’m right, ok. Copy the numbers before “– “ .

Step 5
Type on the search bar and past the copied number after “/” . Now hit enter. You can now see someone’s Fb page.

That is the profile of “who is the girl or boy watching your account”.

If you have any inquiry about  who views my facebook profile feel free to comment below. Don't forget to like our facebook fan page, Follow twitter.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Reduce Data Usage While Browsing 2018

Before Reduce data usage some educational information

In this generation, we can’t see anyone without using internet, because the internet is the most useful source for information. In 2015, around 3.2 billion people used the internet, nearly half of world population. But highlighted news is that 13% of United States adults don’t use the internet. In India some of most popular stars don’t use social media networks. For example, film actors and Miss World Aishwaryarai doesn’t use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

The new update is, in 2016 more than 3.4 billion people use internet each day. (in 2011 only 2 billion people used internet)

In short internet usage:

  • Twitter-More than 350000 tweets per minute.

  • Youtube-400 hours of video uploads per day.

  • Instagram-2.5 million posts likes per minute.

  • Facebook-3 million posts created per minute.

  • Facebook-4 million posts likes per minute.

  • Google-Around 4 million searches per minute.

Maybe you get some knowledge of internet usage. Now, I am going to show you how to reduce data usage on your PC.

Disable Images
When you use internet and visit to any website you can see minimum one or two images per page. Each image size maybe above 200kb. If you disable images you can save 90% data when you browsing on the Internet.
Use opera turbo/how is it work
When you visit web pages that web page data's go through to operate Web servers. Then Opera servers take a progress of the Web page that can be compressed, change image to pixels and correct video buffering, then it sends back to smaller sized data to your computer. Opera turbo mode available on Opera Mini, Opera for Android, Opera Max and Opera Coast.
Turn off automatic updates.
If you use so many apps on your computer, the support team update their products every month, every week or every year. if you turn on automatic update feature then when update available for your apps. Now it's set to update automatically without any notifications. These updates waste your data lot of, so if you change update setting to "notify when update available" or "never update" then you can save lots of data.
Block pop-ups,
some  websites use pop-ups for showing their video, banner ads and subscribe button. If you don't have to see this, block pop-ups on your browser.
More tips for Windows 8/8.1/10 stop background data wastage.
Press the Windows Button then right click any metro app and select live title off. Turn off Windows Automatic Updates my computer-->Control Panel -> large view -> Windows update -> change settings -> important update -> never check for updates turn off. Flash Player updates: My Computer -> control panel -> flash player -> advanced -> change settings -> never check for updates. Remove virus from your computer; install good antivirus software and make full scan for your computer, then remove the virus from your computer. These thinks can be helpful to reduce data usage.

If you have more amazing methods to reduce data usage don't forget to type in comment section.

How to Create Self-Hosted Wordpress Blog in 20min

Before we start the tutorial we must know what is and what is

What is is free blogging platform. Alternative to blogger blogspot. When someone use platform they cannot add custom domain name for free. If they wish to add, they required to buy there premium package. It's cost more than self hosted costings. Also have less features...

What is is absolutely free (yes). But, if you want to make your blog on platform., then you want hosting services for store your blog files such as images, articles, videos and etc. The plus point is you OWN your blog overall 100%. You can do anything with that. Something like advertising, selling your blog and more. That is called self-hosted blog.

Now is the time to start our tutorial about how to make a self-hosted wordpress blog. (Paid blog-Recommended)

Finally you decided to create self-hosted Wordpress blog. I will show you step-by-step guide for creating a self-hosted Wordpress blog.

First thing you want to buy a domain name and hosting. Domain name is the address for your blog ( and hosting is RAM and ROM for your website files. Many hosting services featured free domain name for one year or until you use the hosting. You can search Google or read our review about hosting to buy good service.

Second step is setup DNS servers. In this process is site to site different but basically same. Are you confused? Ok let’s see. If you buy a hosting service some of the services featured a free domain name than you don’t worry about this step. Because already done automatically. If you buy domain and hosting different places so now you cannot skip this step whatever this step take less than 5 minutes.

Once you setup DNS servers you can install Wordpress manually or automatically (One click installation). After you are done with this step go to Type your user name and password then login to your wordpress admin panel.
Now time to talk about Wordpress template.
There are so many free and paid templates available on the internet. You can download and install whatever you want. But I recommend using paid premium template. Because of the support offered. The reason is wordpress every few months update its software. That mean your current template may not be fully compatible any more. If you are using a premium template support offered. The template support team updates your premium template also. You don’t have to worry about wordpress updates.

Step to install template. Go to your wordpress admin panel and click appearance. Then select theme and add new. If you wish to use free one you can choose from there on the right side or upload manually from your computer. For more about this read our article about how to install wordpress theme 2 ways.
After done installing theme you must make some changes on your wordpress blog.
Delete sample pages and posts
First this delete sample posts
(Go to dashboard ->posts ->all posts -> delete hello world post), after that delete sample pages (Go to dashboard -> pages -> all pages ->delete sample pages)
Wordpress permalinks:
This change help to get higher search engine rank for your posts. Go to settings -> permalinks -> choose post name and save.

Now start posting. Wait, before start to create posts learn about some important plug-in, some of plug-in help to customize your blog, some of plug-in help to search engine optimizing. Useful plug-ins listed below are the ones that I use.

  • Akismet (Recommend)

  • Click to tweet (Recommend)

  • Comment not replied to

  • Wp forms (Recommend)

  • Jetpack by wordpress (Recommend)

  • Wp link status plug-in (Recommend)

  • Cloud flare plugin (Recommend)

  • Seo friendly image

  • Q2w3 fixed widget

  • Redirection last update

  • Seo smart link business

  • Vaultpress

  • Shortpixel (Recommend)

  • Yoast seo (Recommend)
Now you successfully did basic setup setting to your blog. Now start creating posts. After that I will show you how to do Search engine optimizing. Don’t forget to share this useful article with your friends.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Create a Blog for Free and Earn Money 2018

What is a blogger?Blogger is a free blog publishing service. It's allow to make free blogs for people who want to make their own blog. Blogspot owned by Google and launched 17 years ago (1999, August 23).

create a blog for free and earn money

What are the features available in blogger?

  • Free subdomain (Country specific blogger addresses)

  • Templates Free

  • Hosting Free

  • Responsive for mobile devices

  • Etc

  1. Blog Suspension: If anyone broke blogger privacy policy their blog will be suspended by Blogger without any notice.

  2. Description: limited to 500 characters.

  3. Labels: 5000 labels per blog

  4. 100 Blog per google account

  5. Storage: Up to 1gb All images will be hosted by Picasa.

  6. Members: 100 invitation per blog

  7. Favicon: Less then 100KB

Start blogging: Tutorial for start free blogger blog

This post is presented to the “Beginners” who are new to blogging. I will show you Step-by-step guide to create a free blog on blogger. Before you begin, if the goal is make money via blogging. Then buy a domain and hosting. Make self-hosted blog. Self-hosted blog is good for more than a free blog.

Now start. Go to and Singup using your Gmail account. If you don’t have Gmail account, create a free Gmail account on Once you are logged in, click create new blog.

Now you need do to select a specific ‘Subdomain’ name (eg: Next thing, add a title to your blog. Then select a template. (If you want you can replace ‘subdomain’ with custom domain name, change template and title. After done these things click ‘Create blog’. Now your blogspot blog is created. But not completed yet. You must be setting up some important things before submit your blog to search engine.

Setting up blog:

Now you are on the blogger dashboard page. Scroll down and find setting. Then click setting. Now make changes to improve your blog visibility on search engine. On setting tab.......

  • Basic:Description: Type small detail about your blog.

  • Search preferencesMeta description: Type SEO friendly description about your blog

    • Custom robots.txt: Click edit and enable it.

    • Custom robots header tags:  Click edit and enable it.

We will update this post when we get new tricks, so don't forget to bookmark this page.