Thursday, March 30, 2017

Important of iPhone Finger Print Technology

iPhone was born into the world with biggest value. Because in the first time finger print introduced with iPhone 5s.

So you can use fingerprint as password. If you think your fingerprint can copy when you in sleep or drunk some time when you lose your mind. But iPhone finger print method can't hacked with above reasons. For the example when you dead some one cannot unlock your iPhone with your finger print. Sounds good!!

iPhone finger print technology use 2 method for verify owner finger print.

  1. Capacitive

This technology is working with micro magnetic voltage between men skin and iPhone finger print sensor. All living person in the world had a micro magnetic voltage. iPhone touch screen works also using this technology

  1. Radio frequency

In this technology some of radio frequency only response living skin. Capacitive sensor don't response for dead skin. So iPhone cannot unlock with dead man skin. But some finger print featured phone didn’t use these two methods. So that phones can open with dead people finger print.


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