Sunday, August 20, 2017

Facebook Sticker Meanings - Meep, Emoji, Mood, Emoticons

From this article you will know Facebook sticker meanings with sticker preview. Facebook introduced facebook stickers (Meep Stickers, emoji, Mood, Facebook Emoticons) a few months ago. So now, facebook users can use mood stickers on their chat conversation, Comments and Status. Meep stickers are very popular stickers on the facebook platform. People love to use, because receiver can understand easily what the sticker says.

Still some facebook users don’t know how to use these stickers and what facebook stickers meaning. I’m sharing with you the meanings of every, and each Meep sticker mood.

How to use facebook stickers

If you want to add stickers to your conversation when you middle of chatting, just click on the smiley face at the bottom-right of the message writing box. Now you will see small popup with sticker packs. Then first select sticker pack and then select wich sticker you want to send.

Where can I download free facebook stickers?

When you saw the small popup with sticker packs, click on the shopping card icon. So now you can download free stickers for easy use.

You can also download different type of facebook stickers meanings on private website. After facebook launch the stickers for chat, and commenting 3rd party website also starts to sell stickers. Free and paid stickers available to download. If you want more amazing stuff just ggogle it. you will huge amount results.

Facebook sticker meanings and sticker preview

#Shocked, Surprised

#Angry or frustration



#Shy, Done something crazy

#Grin,big grin, joked or something funny is going in the conversation

#Angel,Got some new ideas


#Slightly whiny and pout

#Geek, Geek sticker, fixed a problem by yourself


#Baby face, eating

#Vomit,Some thing sucks

#Tongue, Silly, Stupid, Joke, something funny


#Cool, At a beach


#Heart eyes, romantic chats, good to see you,good to know that

#Furrow,Angry face sticker,furrow and creased.

#Fascinated, Star-struck




#Thinking, Not sure






#Really Whiny, Pouty



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