Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Dialog Mega Run Game Download

Hi Guys, [ Dialog Mega Run Game Download ]. Today we bring you to a new game for earn free mobile data while playing. This post especially for srilankan visitors.

Dialog Mega Run Game Download

  1. The Dialog mega run game like Subway surfer. Subway surfer also similar to temple run. Mega run featured free data for dialog customers. Even you don’t have to waste your mobile date while download dialog mega run. Because dialog refund your data wastage after downloading mega run game.

  2. While you playing dialog mega run game on your smart phone you will see a check point. When player hit the check point player can win free data and gifts by spinning the wheel. Dialog added random winning chances.

  3. You have to turn on mobile data while playing mega run game. But all data charges are free.

Mega run mobile game that created by a fixed phone operator company named Dialog axiata. They have a small number of really good adventure games. Cricket, Village cricket these are some of them. Dialog user can win star points by playing games on Self Care app. Top five players on the leader board will be awarded star Points for that month.

  1. 1st position – 1000 Star Points

  2. 2nd position – 500 Star Points

  3. 3rd position – 300 Star Points

  4. 4th & 5th position – 100 Star Points

1 Star Point is worth 1 Sri Lankan rupees. Cricket game is very easy to play. Simply hold the target and when ball come swing to ball.

To start playing Cricket

  1. Visit to Google play store and search for Dialog Selfcare app

  2. Select games

  3. Select cricket

  4. Now you can follow introduction and play the game

  5. To win Star Points take position 1-5

To Play Village Cricket

  1. Visit to Google play store and search for Dialog Selfcare app

  2. Select games

  3. Select village cricket

  4. Click play

  5. Then press ready to start your turn

  6. Swipe towards any direction with speed to bat

You are Considered Out

  • When the ball is hit on neighbor houses and towards the river.

  • 3 consecutive misses considered out

  • Ball hit on wicket, ball catch by the fielder

  • Bounced back catches when hit to the tree is considerate out

How to Score on Dialog Village Cricket

  1. To score a 6 you have to play directly out of the boundary

  2. A hit inside the boundary is considered as 1 point as well as 1 miss

  3. When the ball passes the boundary after bouncing from a tree, considered as a 4 runs

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  1. Can I play these games in India for get free data?

  2. Yes, you can play mega run game through your local mobile data. But you can't win free data's. If you have Sri Lankan friends Mobile number, ask them to give the verification code. So when you win free data's It will send to their Mobiles.


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