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Fb auto Liker | Facebook page Liker | Facebook Liker

Through this post we bring you to FB auto liker, and facebook page liker and facebook auto liker apps and website for get free like to your photos, pages, status and more. So today you can get unlimited likes. Before we start the guide it is good to know how these auto like stuff working. Because that is good find is it harm to your facebook profile and personality or not?

So let’s read below simple introduce for how auto like works

Did you hear about Like for like method that mean you like my status and I will like your status back. Some people argue auto like  works different algorithm. But that is a wrong understanding. Auto liker process completely same as like for like. It will harm your profile, it won’t harm your profile. It depend how you use it.

Read: how to use like for like without harming your personality

In this generation youngsters addicted to facebook. They want to get likes and share more than their friends has. So they looking for a method to get more likes. Their first choice will be autolikes. They go to autolikers websites and register with their facebook account. Through this they unknowingly allow third party sites to collect their information and allow access to their personal facebook account. For an example think about you, some facebook user already registered with this auto likers sites as what you going to do, after sign up you added your post to get likes.

Then the 3rd party auto liker site chose some of their registered user to give their like to your specific post. When they want likes, in the same way, some of other registered users wants number of likes to their photos and status now your fb profile will chose by auto liker site to give some likes to other users. You may unknowingly like some posts or photos that is against your personality, which may lead you to danger.

So I think you got a basic theory about auto liker process. Now you choose, are you going to auto liker sites to get likes or not. If you want to continue, want likes to your post. Then continue this article until end.

Get facebook likes through fb auto liker and Facebook page Liker apps

  1. Login to your Facebook account and go to your user profile

  2. Click settings and go to privacy settings

  3. Then change friends into public 

  4. Now go to facebook subscriber page and turn on followers (This step allow to like, comment on your photos, status to public. Not limited to your friends on facebook)

Now is the real trick begin

  1. Use any of below website to get autolikes. (In this tutorial I used site so I recommend you to use same)
    [ | | | | |]

  2. Click genarete new token it will redirect to facebook login page  

  3. Enter your login details and login through facebook  

  4. Now it will pop up a window click OK 

  5. Now you will see another popup appear. Make only me and click OK  

  6. Another popup click OK again  

  7. So now facebook reidercted to a crash page. Copy the URL from the crash page.  

  8. Back to Hublaa page and past the copied code in to “Submit your token here field” and click login  

  9. Insert security code and click continue  

  10. Now you can see a message You are now logged in  

  11. Now you will know how to do

For more watch this video

How to remove all connection between your facebook account and hublaa website (All other 3rd party websites)

  1. Log in to your facebook account

  2. Go to facebook setting page and select apps 

  3. In the apps find the hublaa related (Remove all unknown apps for make your profile safe) remove it. 

If you like this fb auto liker article, you got something through this so please share with your friends and be smart. Have a nice day.


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