Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Google Translate English to Sinhala

Hi sri lankan friends. Now we can translate English words to Sinhala in a sec without looking dictionary. In the Internet now available google translate. Today we going to look how to Google Translate English to Sinhala.

Just go to this site: https://translate.google.com/

Google just now launched the new statistical machine translation tool. So it's not much accurate. But native speaker like you can improve to get better results from translation. It will be a best solution for future to translate Sinhala (Sinhalese) language in lightning speed.

in this time any English words can translate to other language. Like Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Urdu, French and Tamil also.

Sinhala Translate Week

Google announced sinhala translate week in 2014 to improve the translation efficiency of Sinhala language in Google Translate. Many Native Sinhalese speakers help to get accurate result on translation by doing manual translation.

How to translate Sinhala to English and English to Sinhala?

Words and Small phrases.
  1. Go to Google.com.

  2. Search for "Google translate english to sinhala".

  3. Now you can see two box top of the search result.

  4. Type In English then it will translated to sinhala.

  5. Press two way arrow key to translate Sinhala to English.

Big phrases

  1. Go to https://translate.google.com/m/translate.

  2. In the top of the second box select Sinhala as language.

  3. Type in the first box it will automatically find which language you are typing and automatically it will translate to Sinhala.

  4. Select English in the top of the second box to translate Sinhala to English.

  5. Now done.

Recently Google also launched Google translate application for android and IOS devices. Through this application you can translate words and phrases using camera and voice. To download app

The application look like user friendly. Many options available. You can download and store languages in your mobile phone so it will helpful for off line usage.

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