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How To Hide Your IP and Browse As Anonymous 2019

How To Hide Your IP and Browse As Anonymous 2019. In this post we are going to mention about what IP and why is it required IP hiding. IP the I and P direct meanings are Internet Protocol. So IP address is the Internet protocol address. As we know our living house and other all apartment has a destination address for identify the place where it locate. Like that our every computers, phones, tablets, laptop ( all electric product those are connectible to the internet has a IP address. This is for identify the which electronic item connected to the internet.

How To Hide Your IP and Browse As Anonymous 2019

Some countries have banned some website like in chine they have banned Facebook. But you can see lots of Chinese Facebook accounts their. This is because of they are using Proxy servers to change their ip address.No one can track your location while using anonymous IP address.

Some of reasons that people use Proxy servers:

  • When a particular site is banned in your region by your Internet Service Provider, School, , Office, College, Government.
  • Sometimes website owner bans them self in a particular region.

So here I am going to tell you how to use a proxy server without any software.

Some of  Google Chrome Plug-ins (extensions) helps to hide your IP address. They change the IP address for when they are turned on. Some of best and free IP Proxy Extensions for Google Chrome listed below.

  1. Geo Proxy
  2. Stealthy
  3. Fast Proxy

  1. Click above Geo Proxy and Download it in to your Google chrome browser
  2. Then Activate it
  3. Now go to start menu of your browser and look for right side top in your screen to find out the installed Geo Proxy extension.
  4. Click on extension, find your choice of proxy location and select as shown in the screen shot.  
    How To Hide Your IP and Browse As Anonymous 2019
  5. Then select the a location that is for to change your ip address into that location.

That's it. You have changed your IP address. SO you can now surf without any fear.

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