Friday, December 28, 2018

How To Play PUBG on PC for Free

PUBG is a one of the most popular Online multi player shooting game. The game can be played in the Pc and also in the mobile device. but their is two versions. Mobile version and Pc version. Mobile version is free but not the Pc version.

Here we are going to tell you the trick to play PUBG in pc for free. it's very simple. It's required a laptop or a pc and a android emulator App install.

PUBG is designed by Tencent team. An android emulator also specially designed for PUBG by the same designers. So officially they allow to play mobile version of pubg in the PC.

Steps to Download Android Emulator that designed by the PUBG team...

Go to Home page of download website or Go directly to download the emulator Rar File 

how to play PUBG on Pc for free

Then open it

Click download and wait for complete the download 

Now you have downloaded the Emulator and PUBG Mobile version on your PC. Lets Play the game and enjoy.

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PUBG Mobile version on PC like  

The controls 


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