Saturday, April 6, 2019

Online Jobs Without Investment 2019

Are you looking for a online job that doesn't required investment. You arrived at the right place. Here we going to teach you to become digital marketer. Quick jump to the "Online Jobs Without Investment 2019"

Are you confused..! Don't worry. I will explain.

This will be a little big article... so be patient and read it will full fill the all the requirements to become digital marketer.

Usually when you browse the internet you may have seen advertisements, mems, viral videos, some magical articles and mobile apps. When you see this if you got idea what behind these things and why these things are created. Behind these all things is money. This called digital marketing.

That mean market a product in the online platform. It can be through websites, advertisements, content articles, videos, apps. And anything in online. Above methods are successful. More than these things some minor online works also there. These like...

Earn Little Money

  • PPC Sites (Not recommended)

  • Survey filling site (Recommended)

  • PPD Sites (Recommended)

  • Simple task sites (Recommended)


PPC is useless. It's mean. People are requested to click the ads to earn money. They pay around 0.001 per click. This is a wasting of time. So i am not going to talk about this.


PPD is good. It is pay around $1-$5 per download file. Before download these files users requested to complete an offer. After finishing the offer download will popup... to get success in this online job you can have anything valuable, that people searching...!

Try this....

  1. Go to

  2. Fill required informations and sign up for the website

  3. Create your first PPD based downloadable file

  4. Promote the link.

  5. Sit back and watch your revenue...!!!

Survey Filling

Survey filling also good earning method. But most of the surveys are available for USA users only. In this you have to just put your opinions only, that bring you money.

  1. Go to 

  2. Signup for the site

  3. Confirm the email address

  4. Complete the surveys and earn money

Simple Task

Simple task website are created to complete simple online works. It's like visiting a website, backling creating, likung a facebook post, creating a gmail account. These works help you to earn money...!

  1. Go to Picoworkers

  2. Signup for the website

  3. Confirm the email address

  4. Complete the simple task

  5. Write down the proofs

  6. Get paid

  7. Again creat your own task

  8. Past the PPD downloadable URL and ask workers to complete the offer and download the file.

  9. Double the earning from this method

Earn Big Amount Of Money For Long Time

Above listed method bring you little money for you. But being a real digital marketer you can be earn more and more money. Its required a simple website with little contents.

let's take a look how to do that...

First you have to choose the right and easy category for your website

This is a main part of the process to make a blog. This maybe tough to you. I am going to make you easy on this step by step....

First select any one category blow title.

  1. Technology

  2. Beauty and Fashion

  3. Health and fitness

  4. Personal finance

  5. Food

  6. Life Style

  7. Personal Development

Find a niche that you truly love and you’ll find yourself in a great position from above titles

Secondly you have to buy a hosting service and domain name that only cost $12 for both...

I will recommend you to buy cheapest hosting and domain name plan from below listed. These are very suitable for beginners.

Click here to learn more about Domain and Hosting
buy hosting just for $0.01

Third write some articles under the chosen category

Read How to write SEO friendly unique articles

Arrange the website contents

First of all you have to create some important pages that all blog and websites has. Those are About Page, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Contact page.

Then organise your Menu bar, Footer Bar. Upload your logo to your blog.Setting up your blog.

To learn how to do click here


Index your website to search Engine


Add some affiliate links and advertisements to your website

Sit back and watch your money machine I mean your website. Now it is a money making machine