Hi, I’m Mohamed Safras

I am 21 year old. Now i write AllTechRiders to help people who willing to make their blog or website. I started www.thetechsky.com in 2017 when I am waiting for my exam result, because successful people never waste time. My blog is where I like to share my reviews, experiences, recommendations with blogging and technology.

I spend over two years as a Blogger, web designer, Logo designer and SEO optimizing servicer. I have learnt a lot from the whole blogging community, Internet, school and hope to share all that I have learned with riders (My blog readers).

About this site

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www.TheTechSky.com  This is a domain name for this site and TheTechSky is the title for this blog.  If you a reader on this blog. You got a membership for our rider community. So don’t forget to bookmark. In this blog you will be able to read about technology, Blogging tutorials (Blogger, WordPress), Reviews (Hosting, Plug-ins, apps-android and ios) and Search engine optimizing guides. Also we accept guest post

If you have any further questions when you browsing my blog or you want to write articles for this site, then feel free to contact us

To Contact me, please email admin@thetechsky.com , We response within 24 hours.