Friday, November 9, 2018

HostGator 1 Cent Coupon Code And 75% Off for Lifetime

 We offer HostGator 1 Cent Coupon Code And 75% Off for free. HostGator is most popular and leading company among the hosting providers. Some of other Hosting service also a reseller package of Hostgator (Eg: iPage). HostGator provide offer for our blog readers to get special discounts for their hosting packages. Before going to purchase hosting packages read the features of Hostgator.

Full cPanal support

This will help to upload and manage your files and software (WordPress) in an easy platform.

99.9% uptime guarantee

Site always will be online for users.

One click installation software

No need to install software’s manually. One can done your work smoothly.

Unmetered bandwidth

So don’t worry about traffic. You will get high traffic without any restrictions.

Free SSL certificate

This will increase your site rank in Google search result. Also help to protect your site from malware attacks and rise user trust.

Free Google and Bing credit

$100 for each Google adwords and Bing advertisement credit. So you can advertise your website freely and improve your traffic rank


Just follow the introduction below.

Click the below image to grab your discount. (It will redirect you into signup page)

If you already own a domain name then enter here (1) [ Eg:], otherwise leave it blank. 

Select package type that fulfill your need (2) [baby recommended]

Select billing cycle as month (3) [] 

Write a username with lowercase letters (4) [Eg: jhonshaik]

Enter 5 digit pin (5) [Eg: 25698]

Enter your Billing information (6) […..]

Untick the all additional services (7) [Untick all]

Enter the coupon code as FREEHOST (8) [FREEHOST]

Note if you want to 60% off for lifetime than Enter MONEYBACK as coupon cord

Check the final box (9)

Click checkout (10)


If you have any doubt about this feel free to ask.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Online Money Earning Micro Jobs 2018

Hey are you looking for earn smart money through doing online jobs, then you got a right place. let's check how to do Online Micro jobs. Read careful Best Online MicroWorkers Jobs Websites 2018. Online Money Earning Micro Jobs 2018 .

Let's go to simple introduction....

Here you can know about

  1. Picoworkers (Our suggestion)

  2. Microworkers

  3. RapidWorkers

What is Simple task Websites?

PicoWorkers, MicroWorkers, Rapidworkers are simple task websites. People used it to make money online through completing simple tasks. Example doing Facebook likes, Twitter shares, Signup for a site, Writing a Comment on a site, Writing an article. Like these tasks are very simple and no need any extra knowledge to do that. So everybody on the internet can do these simple works.

How is it works?

Some employees on the Simple Task website invest money and post there task to let to workers. When workers done the job and they required to submit proofs. Then within 1 week (Averagely 1 to 2 days) employees check the proofs and if it is correct then they will send money to workers profiles account. After reaching minimum payment amount workers can get that money to there local bank account or paypal or Payoneer account.

How much money I can earn through these sites?

It's really depend on your location. In the USA they earn more than $100 per month while asian people earn only $25-$50.

Also it's depends on your success rate. If you done all the work correctly without submitting work proofs, then you will get more and more works do to.

Some test also there. If you pass those test you will earn badges. Earning more badges will lead to getting more high valuable works.

How much they pay per task?

It's depend on the task and country allowed to do the task. Task value is variable from $0.05-$5.

How much worker could earn per month?

Some studies show workers earning around $100-$250 per month.


PicoWorkers account restrictions?

  1. Multiple accounts

  2. Using VPN/PROXY servers

  3. Submitting fake proofs

  4. Submitting fake address to your profile


  • Legit site

  • Payment proofs available

  • All country workers can join

  • Account suspended rate is very low

  • Lifetime free membership

  • High accuracy

  • Signup bonus $1

  • Affiliate program


  • No disadvandages


Microworkers account restrictions?

  1. Multiple accounts

  2. Using VPN/PROXY servers

  3. Submitting fake proofs

  4. Submitting fake address to your profile


  • Legit site

  • Payment proofs available

  • All country workers can join

  • Account suspended rate is very low

  • Lifetime free membership

  • High accuracy


  • No affiliate program

  • No signup bonus


RapidWorkers account restrictions?

  1. Multiple accounts

  2. Using VPN/PROXY servers

  3. Submitting fake proofs

  4. Submitting fake address to your profile


  • Legit site

  • Payment proofs available

  • All country workers can join

  • Lifetime free membership

  • High accuracy


  • No affiliate program

  • No signup bonus

  • Account suspension rate is high

TheTechSky recommendation is PicoWorkers

To signup for PicoWorkers Click here

Thursday, September 6, 2018

GCE A/L Examination Timetable Released For 2019

RELEASED: G.C.E. (A/L) Examination- 2019 Proposed Timetable. Department of examination released the advanced level timetable for 2019 al student. According to this timetable exams will start on time and end on time. (Al examination timetable released)

To Download GCE A/L timetable

Visit department of examination official website:

What A/L Examination?

A/L mean advanced level. In Srilanka there are 3 main Examination available to write in the schools day.

  1. Grade 5 Scholarships

  2. GCE O/L

  3. GCE A/L

After the GCE OL student have to choose there stream to continue there education. The main 4 streams available in Srilanka these are arts, commence, physical sciences and biology sciences. Student will choose there subject as there OL examination result and there interest.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Download Instagram Live Videos 2018

Here is the latest guide to Download Instagram live videos after posting it. Sometimes you may forget to save live videos before uploading it in to Instagram. Instagram does not have any option to download live videos that you uploaded in to the instagram.

Some time you may lost your life movement valuable videos. But here we are going to mention how to do this. It is very simple. It required only small Android app. unfortunately this trick will not work for iPhone. Because iTune app store doesn’t the app.

Let’s do this

First of all Go to Google play store and Search “StorySave” and download the app Named “StorySave”. OR go directly to the download link by clicking HERE
  • Install the app in to the your Android smart phone

  • Run the app

  • Type your Instagram login details and login to the app

  • Click the search button on the top of the right corner of this app.

  • Type your user name and search

  • Select your profile from appearing search result

  • Now Select the the video that you want to download in to your mobile phone.
    Click Live Stream button on the bottom of the app.

Now your live video will automatically downloaded to your gallery. (Named as your instagram user name)

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Download Grade 5 Scholarship Past Exam Papers & Model Papers

Here you can Download Grade 5 Scholarship Past Exam Papers & Model Papers. To help srilankan grade 5 student we bring you this post. In this post you can find Model papers, Past papers, Video lessons and Performance review, etc..

This guide will help your child to get best result in the examination.

Download Grade 5 Scholarship Past Papers Tamil medium (2005-2017)

2005 Part I Part II

2006 Part I Part II

2007 Part I Part II

2008 Part I Part II

2009 Part I Part II

2010 Part I Part II

2011 Part I Part II

2012 Part I Part II

2013 Part I Part II

2014 Part I Part II

2015 Part I Part II

2016 Part I Part II

2017 Part I Part II

Download Grade 5 Scholarship Sinhala medium Past Papers (2005-2017)

2005 Part I Part II

2006 Part I Part II

2007 Part I Part II

2008 Part I Part II

2009 Part I Part II

2010 Part I Part II

2011 Part I Part II

2012 Part I Part II

2013 Part I Part II

2014 Part I Part II

2015 Part I Part II

2016 Part I Part II

2017 Part I Part II Answers

Download Scholarship model papers Tamil medium

Ambikaippaagan model papers

How to face the examination

Before the examination you have to practice smart. Hardwork is not always helps you. But smart work do. So what is smart work.

Simple steps to smart work:

  1. Make a revision timetable.

  2. Make short notes.

  3. Exercise daily.

  4. Love your subject.

  5. Make stories and imagination through study (Create mind map).

  6. Don't study too much, Sleep minimum 6 hours daily in night.

  7. Get up early in the morning and study.

  8. Make question yourself and find answers.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Google Translate English to Sinhala

Hi sri lankan friends. Now we can translate English words to Sinhala in a sec without looking dictionary. In the Internet now available google translate. Today we going to look how to Google Translate English to Sinhala.

Just go to this site:

Google just now launched the new statistical machine translation tool. So it's not much accurate. But native speaker like you can improve to get better results from translation. It will be a best solution for future to translate Sinhala (Sinhalese) language in lightning speed.

in this time any English words can translate to other language. Like Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Urdu, French and Tamil also.

Sinhala Translate Week

Google announced sinhala translate week in 2014 to improve the translation efficiency of Sinhala language in Google Translate. Many Native Sinhalese speakers help to get accurate result on translation by doing manual translation.

How to translate Sinhala to English and English to Sinhala?

Words and Small phrases.
  1. Go to

  2. Search for "Google translate english to sinhala".

  3. Now you can see two box top of the search result.

  4. Type In English then it will translated to sinhala.

  5. Press two way arrow key to translate Sinhala to English.

Big phrases

  1. Go to

  2. In the top of the second box select Sinhala as language.

  3. Type in the first box it will automatically find which language you are typing and automatically it will translate to Sinhala.

  4. Select English in the top of the second box to translate Sinhala to English.

  5. Now done.

Recently Google also launched Google translate application for android and IOS devices. Through this application you can translate words and phrases using camera and voice. To download app

The application look like user friendly. Many options available. You can download and store languages in your mobile phone so it will helpful for off line usage.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

How To Remove Number From TrueCaller

Trucaller is an app offer people to find unknown numbers. You will know How To Remove Numbers From TrueCaller through this post. If you already using TrueCaller then your contact surely uploaded to true caller servers.

This app is most popular number finding app in the world. It helps many people to avoid spam numbers. When user get the call TrueCaller will show the name of the person who own the number. If only the number uploaded to the TrueCaller database.

Still you are thinking this steeling your privacy. Then you can remove your number from TrueCaller database. But make sure you not going to use TrueCaller again. When you use TrueCaller it will upload your number to TrueCaller database.

How TrueCaller Works

People can find unknown numbers through Truecaller website and teuecaller Mobile app. TrueCaller app is available to Android and IPhone. After download the app we have to install the app to our mobile phone.

After installing the app it requires to singin. So sign in using your any email account. Then it will ask to read our mobile contact. After allowing the required request, the contact will upload to TrueCaller server.

Like this if our one of friend uses TrueCaller. Our contact number also uploaded to the TrueCaller server. Now someone using TrueCaller it notifies who is calling to his/her phone.

So, How To Remove Number From TrueCaller

  1. Go to TrueCaller official website

  2. Click Unlisting

  3. Enter the number that you want to remove

  4. Verify I AM NOT A ROBOT captcha

  5. Your number will unlisted within 24 hours

If you already have a verified ownership account on the website. You have to delete your account first.

  1. Run TrueCaller application on you phone

  2. Tab the three dotted lines to browse more options 

  3. Tab on settings

  4. Scroll down and click "DEACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT" 

  5. Tab the yes button 

  6. After successfully deactivating your account

  7. Go to TrueCaller official website

  8. Click Unlisting or Visit TrueCaller Unlist 

  9. Enter the number that you want to remove 

  10. Verify I AM NOT A ROBOT captcha

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Best Video Compression Software/Apps Reduce File Size

Normally we record videos through our smart phones and cameras. [Best Video Compression Software/Apps to Reduce File Size] HD 1080P and 720P videos took lots of storage from our phone phone and camera. So we can't store those files for long time in our phones and camera, because of memory low problem.

Some problem with big size videos

  1. Unable to share in Whatsapp

  2. Data wastage

  3. Not working on some devices and video players

  4. Videos keep loading for so long

  5. Memory low problem

So it is must to reduce Video file size. Thats why, in this post I am going to show you "how to reduce video file size through best video compression software/apps".  There are lots of video compression softwares available on the Internet. We bring you the Best Video Compression Software/Apps here.

  1. HandBrake

  2. Avidemux

  3. Format Factory

  4. WinX Video Converter


Open source software so you don't have to spend money to download that. The software available for Windows, Mac and linux. Support all video formats input and output. Video FPS, Codec and other optimization options included. You can simply select a device. It mean, if you are going store or watch the video on iPhone 5s You can select iPhone 5s as a output format. So the video will convert into a format for full iPhone compatible. The cropping feature help to cut video from top, bottom, left and right.

Key features

  1. Free

  2. Support Windows, Mac, Linux

  3. All format support

  4. Video convert

  5. FPS, Codec Optimizing

  6. Video cropping

  7. Live video preview

  8. Chapter markers, Constant quality or Bit rate, sub titles


A best video editing software and converter. It is free. Avidmux also compatible for Windows, Mac and linux. Support many video formats for input and output including 3GP, MP4, AVI. Video FPS, bit rate, Codec and other optimization options included.

Key features

  1. Free

  2. Support Windows, Mac, Linux

  3. All format support

  4. Video convert

  5. FPS, Codec Optimizing

  6. Live video preview

Format Factory

Very simple and easy to use software. No technical knowledge needed. the software  include many output options. output video format, codec, resolution. Support converting all video, audio, picture formats to others. Support iphone, ipod multimedia file formats. Repair damaged video and audio file.

Video format: MP4/FLV/3GP/MPG/WMV/SWF/AVI
Audio format: MP3/WAV/WMA/AMR/OGG/AAC

Version : V4.3.0.0
Update: 20180308
Size: 51MB
System: Windows

WinX Video Converter

It is a video editing and compressing software. You can directly add youtube videos to the application. Almost all video format supported. MTS, MP4,  AVC, AVI, MOV,  MPEG1/2, WMV, 3GP,  FLV, 3G2, F4V,  SWF, DV, ASF, RM,  Xvid, VOB, DivX, MKV,  and AVCHD videos. This software most compatible with windows 10.

Key features:

  1. Free

  2. Support Windows, Mac, Linux

  3. All format support

  4. Video convert

  5. FPS, Codec Optimizing

  6. Live video preview

Monday, April 23, 2018

How to Send Colornote Notepad Notes to PC

There are 2 ways available to send colornote notepad notes to pc. Colornote is a note app. Many of android mobile users use this app as their noting app. Some of them having problem with how to transfer these notes to other devices. The devices can be mobile or PC. Here I am going to write a guide about transfer to PC or Windows. ColorNote notepad app is used to write notes, Saving shopping lists also some other usual stuff.

How to Send Colornote Notepad Notes to PC

ColorNote app is also available for windows platform. So if you looking for transfer note to your personal windows pc. first download the app from microsoft store and install to your PC.

After the installation open colornote app in your PC. Then sign in using the same email address which is you used to login in your android mobile colornote app.

At this moment you can see all your colornote notes which you have created using your mobile app. (In this moment Immediately your notes will be synchronised )

So now just click on the note and copy past where you want it. Also you can create new notes. The all note will be synchronised with your mobile colornote app.

Share ColorNote Your PC/Windows As a Attachment

In this method you can share your notes through Shareit, Email and Bluetooth

Step 1

Open colorNote app on your android mobile phone. Home screen will look like this

Step 2

Open your note (Which note you want to share).

Step 3

Touch the three dotted menu symbol on the superior right corner. Now select Send. You can see available sharing options.

Step 4

Decide which is easy method for your knowledge. If you can't find one then follow this. "Touch Send As Attachment".

Step 5

Now select Email or Gmail. And write your email address and send it. (If you don't have multiple email addresses then save as draft on your email or gmail)

Step 6

Now open your email on your PC browser and open the Recently received attachment or draft file. Now you done

You can also add master password to your documents

I hope this tutorial might help you. If you like this tutorial about How to Send Colornote Notepad Notes to PC then share with your friends.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Advanced SEO Tutorial and Latest Techniques for 2018

This is the verified place to learn advanced SEO tutorial and latest techniques for 2018. If you are a beginner for search engine optimizing you don’t even know about SEO, this post is not for you. If you want to learn about advance SEO then you are in a right place. In this article I’m going to show you step by step action plan for higher Google ranking including lots of real life cases.

Understanding search engine optimization (SEO)

Google change the ranking algorithm day by day. The reason back this Google try to show quality and exactly what people search and looking for. If someone looking for a domain name that exactly contain the target keyword. But it’s simply doesn’t work. They cannot get to 1st ranking for the keyword in 2017. So what next,

Through this post you will find:

Advanced SEO Tutorial and Latest Techniques

  1. Boost Your Site Loading Speed

  2. Set up your Technical SEO for your Success

  3. Keyword Research

  4. Content Development

  5. On page SEO

  6. Off page SEO

  7. Reduce your Website Bounce Rate Through good User Experience.

Let’s get started

Boost Your Site Loading Speed

Google has publicly confirm that they use your site loading speed as a ranking factor.

Google doesn’t reward fast loading website. But it penalizes slow loading websites. This make sense if you think about it. Google number one purpose it is give a best result for a searched keyword.

So your site loader than your competitor website. Google will make you on the top of the result. Because your competitor will panelizes by Google.

Now its time to improve your site loading speed.

So go to Google PageSpeed insight to check your website loading speed. Most people type their website homepage URL on the field. But that is useless. Get actual results, type your content URL that getting high traffic to your site from search engines. The hit analyze.

Then Google show you where pages code used to tune up. Google tools helpful but it has one problem. It doesn’t matter your site actual loading speed. Google PageSpeed insight simply analyses your pages code. To getting more accurate result for your page speed to your real life users. Go to analyze it. GTmatrix show you data much more accurate than Google Pagespeed insight.

Set up your Technical SEO for your Success.

You can have the best site and the best content. But if your website have series technical SEO issues your site cannot getting a rank on search engine. Fortunately identify and fixing this sort of issues can be super easy. Here is how to do it.

  • Step 1: Login to your Google search console then look for the crawl error section. If you see any issues with DNS, server connectivity, Robots.txt fetch that something you want to fix as soon as possible.
    If those all shows green check marks, you all set. 

  • Step 2: Click on the crawl errors button. Now you will take you to the URL error section of the search console. But if perfectly of if you have a few error in server and soft 404. But if you see lots of errors. That is something that you want to fix as soon as possible

Keyword Research.

The best part of advance SEO is keyword research.

First thing we have Google suggest. To use it type a keyword into the Google search box, but don’t press enter. Google will suggest lots of long tail keywords that you can target. Now you know the keywords that what lots of people searching for.

Ex: For advanced seo tutorials

Suggestion keywords are:

  1. advanced seo tutorial

  2. advanced seo techniques pdf

  3. seo techniques step by step pdf

  4. advanced seo training

  5. latest seo techniques 2017

  6. advanced seo techniques 2017

  7. advanced seo meaning

  8. seo tactics 2017

You can also use for the more helpful "Uber suggest tool" to see lots of Google suggest keyword in one place.

Sometime the keywords can be, you already rank for. Its sounds bad.

That's why now I am going to talk about.

  • Step 1: Log in to your Google search console and click on search analytics under the search traffic. It will take you to a new page 

  • Step 2: Put tick mark on the "average position".

  • Step 3: Scroll down until position 11 to 15. These are keyword that you already ranking for on the 2nd page.

  • Step 4: Use SEMrush. SEMrush is a popular keyword research tool of most bloggers and online store owners. For an example amazon and ebay.

Here is why with most keyword research tool. You pop the keyword into the tool and get a list of suggestion keywords. But SEMrush is unique. But instead of seed keyword into the tool as you enter a competitor website URL. And SEMrush show you all the keyword that they are already ranked for.

Content Development

Back in the day Google worry to worst sites that they publish unique and quality content. That’s why so many blogs starting pumping up mediocre 400 word blog posts. But the truth is this. The whole site publish lots of unique content approach simply doesn’t work anymore. Today Google’s number one goal is to show the best result for the given keyword. Which means they don’t care how many piece of content you site for tell or how often you publish.

Then what is work

Publishing less often. But making each piece of contend that you do publish absolutely works crazy amazing.

Here is how to doing crazy amazing content.

1st: make your content insanely actionable.

A few years ago Dr. Jonah berger ran a research discover what made online content go viral. So what did he find? Dr. Jonah berger discover the highly practical content with 34% more likely to go viral than content they didn’t contain practical info. So make actionable content.

2nd: Next you want to make sure that you content contain at least 1900 words.

In the, analyze of 1million keyword result that content with more than 1890 words got 1st place.

3rd: you want to make infographics part of your connect marketing.

What make content go viral. Some experts discover the infographics getting average of 2.3times more shares than other normal content formats.

On Page SEO

Optimize published long tail keyword content.

Now that you have published an awesome piece of long-form content, it time to optimize it around your target keyword. Here is how.

Step 1: Make sure you published your page with a short URL

In our case study found that short URL with the keyword attended out rank long URLs.

Step 2: Include your target keyword once in the URL, title, description and first 100 words of your article.


Google puts more away on keywords that’s appear at the top of the page. So that is how to Google understand what your page all about. So, include your target keyword once in the first 100 words of your article.

Step 3: Add outpoint link to your page.

Google want know see that your content corpulence of resource on that topic. And that only possible if you link out other helpful pieces of content. In fact a recent industries study found that pages that link out consistently out rank pages that don’t link out to other website.

Off Page SEO

Step 1: Content promotion and link building

There are thousands way to link build to your website.

1st: broken link building

Find a page you want to get a link from. Then find the broken link on that page. Next let the site owner know about their broken link. Then ask for replace the broken link with your content link.

How To find pages related to you content topic

Just google it

“Keyword” + “helpful resources”

Keyword + inurl:links

This so bring a pages contain lots of external links.

How to find broken link on the page

Download and enable ‘Check my link’ extension on your brewers. So broken link will be colored red. So you can find a broken link easily.

How send an email to ask replacement

"Hi [Your name]

I was looking for some information on [topic] today when I came across your list of [topic] resources.

Great stuff!

I couldn’t help but notice that there was a broken link on the page:

[Broken link URL]

I just thought you’d like to know

Also, I recently published a guide on [topic]. It might make a nice addition to your page.

Either way, keep up the awesome work

Thank you
[Your name]"

Reduce your Website Bounce Rate Through good User Experience.

Most of first 3 Google ranked website mostly have an average of below 76% bounce rate.
So make sure you added related post widget below posts and navigation widgets to easily navigate other pages.

Now you all set. Rest in peace.