Saturday, May 13, 2017

How to Recover Facebook Password Without Email and Phone Number 2018

Recover facebook password. Facebook is the one of the most popular social media in the world. Fb has over 1 billion monthly active visitors and 600 million daily active visitors. Facebook is well designed and easy to use. People share their life events, joyful and saddest moment on the Facebook. Also, they share daily event and activities through Facebook.

But they sometimes forget who’s watching..!

Some people collect other information through Facebook for stealing, shop and houses. Collect photos from private account and sell it for money. At this time hacking Facebook is not a big thing. In fact, you don’t even be a pro hacker to hack someone Facebook account. I will show you a few methods to hack someone Facebook without technical knowledge and without knowing their password. It can be as easy as eating popcorn…..?

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Recover facebook password - Method ONE:

The easiest way to Recover Facebook is “reset the password” method

So try these few steps

  • Select the friend who’s Facebook account you want to recover

  • Go to victim’s Facebook profile page and find the victim's email address on the contact section

  • Logout from your Facebook account. Clear history, cache and cookies on your browser

  • Close and reopen the browser

  • Go to the Facebook login page and enter victim email address and type password as “facebookadminzuck

  • It will show incorrect password

  • Next, open the Facebook login page on the new tab, click on “forgotten your password

  • Then type victim email address

  • Find the victim fb account and select “this is my account

  • Press No longer has access to these

  • It will ask How can we reach you? Type in an email address isn’t linked to any other Facebook account

  • Now it will show you a question and answer the question correctly. Then change the password. Now you have to wait 24 hours to log in to victim account

  • If you can’t find the correct answer, click “recover your account with help from friends

  • If you are a best friend to the victim.

  • Then choose your account between three and five friends.

  • It will send the password to your Facebook account.
This hack trick is successfully working with 75% of hackers.

How to protect yourself from hackers

  • Choose a hard security question and make a difficult answer.

  • Select 3 most trustable friends for recovering your password

  • Use an email address and hide on the profile

Recover facebook password - Method TWO:

I will show you how to create fake facebook login page in 10 simple steps with picture. Wait for the next post…. because avoid facebook crime..

Thursday, May 11, 2017

How To See Hidden Friends On Facebook 2018

After this tutorial you can see hidden friends on facebook

Why people hide their facebook friend list?

Mostly for the security reasons. People want to avoid crimes and they want to use social Medias safely. They want to hide personal information and daily activities from social media. So social Medias added some security features to their platform.


  1. Hide facebook friend list

  2. Daily activities hide

  3. Hide profile pictures

  4. Status hiding

  5. Block users

  6. Turn off receiving friend request and etc.

How Can Use These Features

User can limit who can see those activities. Only for family members, friends, our area users and etc. We can create closed groups. So only members saw the posts in the specific group.

How To Find Someone Friend List On Facebook Who Is Hidden?

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Method 1: Find the common friend between you and another facebook user.

  • Step 1:
    Find the facebook ID of your mutual friend and the person whose friend list you want to see. 

  • Step 2:
    Use below URL to find the mutual friend between you and another user.

  • Eg:
Method 2: Find the common friend between your one of the mutual friend and another facebook user.

  • Step 1:
    Go to and login to your account.

  • Step 2:
    Go to the friend finder page

  • Step 3:
    Scroll down and find the mutual friend list (On the right side bar). 

  • Step 4:
    Then type the name of the person whose friend list is you want to see. Then select the friend profile from the list.

  1. For this you need minimum 1 friend in common. (1 mutual friend).

  2. In this method you only see common friends between your mutual friend and the person whose friend list you want to see.
Method 3: See all friends of a person.

Requirement for the extension work

  1. 1 at least mutual friend in common.

  2. You need to have google chrome browser.

  3. Disable all ad blockers and popup blockers.

  • Step 1:
    Download facebook friend mapper extension from chrome webstore (for chrome).

  • Step 2:
    Enable extension in your browser.

  • Step 3:
    Login to your facebook profile and go to friend profile which one hidden there friend list.

  • Step 4:
    Now you will see a new tab named reveal friends. So you need to click reveal friends. Then it will start scanning for their friend list. It take few minutes.

  • Step 5:
    When the scan is done, it will show facebook ids on all their friends in a popup window.

  • Step 6:
    So now copy the fb id and past it after in the address bar.

  • Step 7:
    Now you can see hidden friends on facebook...

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

How to Get Approve Google AdSense Fast in a Genuine Way

Why google adsense will not approve all the blogs?

Google AdSense approve only 1 application of 1000 application. Important because if Google AdSense will approve all the blogs than how get it will maintain the quality of the ads. They have to ensure quality of website. They have to save the interest of the advertisers plus they have to maintain of the quality. In this post you will learn "how to get approve Google AdSense fast".

Then how to get approve Google AdSense very easy and no bane?

The thing but Google only looking for quality of the websites  if you have a website have a very good design, good navigation, have important page like about, privacy policy, disclaimer. Have at least 20-50 blog post written very neat and clean structure. Before apply to AdSense create an admin specific email address like “”. So you can use Zoho mail that is free.

Then signup for AdSense using admin specific email address. Chances are AdSense accept or reject your application. If they reject don't get worry about that you can reapply that is a link at the bottom to reapply. Because sometimes you know by the human was mistakes when they review your website. Don’t get upset for they said the reason for the rejection because inefficient contend, incompatible contend. Most of the time it's a false. I mean you not writing any topic like your cousin or wydra something like that all topic which you like ban topic you good to go.

Select below Useful topics to learn more...


A new blog also we can apply for the AdSense or have any minimum requirement?

Google AdSense says six month time period it is for Indian and china Blogs. But that boggiest. Anyway if you have a good quality of the website giving after 50day 25 days you can apply. Point here is enough contend, well structure content, professionally written content, professionally looking blog and you will get AdSense approval without any chance without any felt most important think, you need to have good design good looking theme. This is very most of the blogger fails they don’t have a design, they have lot of useless widgets on their sidebar, they don’t have recent post,  popular post, and they will there side bar with widget like traffic widget, lots of like widgets all those widgets like which are not even  required.  Whatever put on your blog they should have a purpose very important.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Google Map Behind the Scene 2018

Humans travel to different places in their life for business and personal reasons every day. Google Maps is the largest source of support for people to specify more and more addresses. Learn to be google map expert...Google Map Behind the Scene 2018,,

Google Company

Google's largest company plays a major role in the world. Google has provided an unlimited service, not just Google Maps, but all the information and businesses in the world. The Google Company is a company that can offer many services across the country.

Google Maps

Google Maps has been set up in a highly-automated manner. It also uses the usefulness of the Google Maps to share several places like Petrol pump, ATM, etc. Google Maps have the ability to show directions simply.

How to use Google Maps

You can use Google Maps on your computer, Android and IOS mobile phones. First, you want to download Google Maps from the Google official website. Or go to Google website and type on the search bar "Google Maps" and hit enter. After click Google Maps and go inside the website. Then input your current location. Then type where you want to go. Now, Google Maps will show location and distance you want to go.

I think you should be a google map expert now