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Advanced SEO Tutorial and Latest Techniques for 2018

This is the verified place to learn advanced SEO tutorial and latest techniques for 2018. If you are a beginner for search engine optimizing you don’t even know about SEO, this post is not for you. If you want to learn about advance SEO then you are in a right place. In this article I’m going to show you step by step action plan for higher Google ranking including lots of real life cases.

Understanding search engine optimization (SEO)

Google change the ranking algorithm day by day. The reason back this Google try to show quality and exactly what people search and looking for. If someone looking for a domain name that exactly contain the target keyword. But it’s simply doesn’t work. They cannot get to 1st ranking for the keyword in 2017. So what next,

Through this post you will find:

Advanced SEO Tutorial and Latest Techniques

  1. Boost Your Site Loading Speed

  2. Set up your Technical SEO for your Success

  3. Keyword Research

  4. Content Development

  5. On page SEO

  6. Off page SEO

  7. Reduce your Website Bounce Rate Through good User Experience.

Let’s get started

Boost Your Site Loading Speed

Google has publicly confirm that they use your site loading speed as a ranking factor.

Google doesn’t reward fast loading website. But it penalizes slow loading websites. This make sense if you think about it. Google number one purpose it is give a best result for a searched keyword.

So your site loader than your competitor website. Google will make you on the top of the result. Because your competitor will panelizes by Google.

Now its time to improve your site loading speed.

So go to Google PageSpeed insight to check your website loading speed. Most people type their website homepage URL on the field. But that is useless. Get actual results, type your content URL that getting high traffic to your site from search engines. The hit analyze.

Then Google show you where pages code used to tune up. Google tools helpful but it has one problem. It doesn’t matter your site actual loading speed. Google PageSpeed insight simply analyses your pages code. To getting more accurate result for your page speed to your real life users. Go to gtmatrix.com analyze it. GTmatrix show you data much more accurate than Google Pagespeed insight.

Set up your Technical SEO for your Success.

You can have the best site and the best content. But if your website have series technical SEO issues your site cannot getting a rank on search engine. Fortunately identify and fixing this sort of issues can be super easy. Here is how to do it.

  • Step 1: Login to your Google search console then look for the crawl error section. If you see any issues with DNS, server connectivity, Robots.txt fetch that something you want to fix as soon as possible.
    If those all shows green check marks, you all set. 

  • Step 2: Click on the crawl errors button. Now you will take you to the URL error section of the search console. But if perfectly of if you have a few error in server and soft 404. But if you see lots of errors. That is something that you want to fix as soon as possible

Keyword Research.

The best part of advance SEO is keyword research.

First thing we have Google suggest. To use it type a keyword into the Google search box, but don’t press enter. Google will suggest lots of long tail keywords that you can target. Now you know the keywords that what lots of people searching for.

Ex: For advanced seo tutorials

Suggestion keywords are:

  1. advanced seo tutorial

  2. advanced seo techniques pdf

  3. seo techniques step by step pdf

  4. advanced seo training

  5. latest seo techniques 2017

  6. advanced seo techniques 2017

  7. advanced seo meaning

  8. seo tactics 2017

You can also use for the more helpful "Uber suggest tool" to see lots of Google suggest keyword in one place.

Sometime the keywords can be, you already rank for. Its sounds bad.

That's why now I am going to talk about.

  • Step 1: Log in to your Google search console and click on search analytics under the search traffic. It will take you to a new page 

  • Step 2: Put tick mark on the "average position".

  • Step 3: Scroll down until position 11 to 15. These are keyword that you already ranking for on the 2nd page.

  • Step 4: Use SEMrush. SEMrush is a popular keyword research tool of most bloggers and online store owners. For an example amazon and ebay.

Here is why with most keyword research tool. You pop the keyword into the tool and get a list of suggestion keywords. But SEMrush is unique. But instead of seed keyword into the tool as you enter a competitor website URL. And SEMrush show you all the keyword that they are already ranked for.

Content Development

Back in the day Google worry to worst sites that they publish unique and quality content. That’s why so many blogs starting pumping up mediocre 400 word blog posts. But the truth is this. The whole site publish lots of unique content approach simply doesn’t work anymore. Today Google’s number one goal is to show the best result for the given keyword. Which means they don’t care how many piece of content you site for tell or how often you publish.

Then what is work

Publishing less often. But making each piece of contend that you do publish absolutely works crazy amazing.

Here is how to doing crazy amazing content.

1st: make your content insanely actionable.

A few years ago Dr. Jonah berger ran a research discover what made online content go viral. So what did he find? Dr. Jonah berger discover the highly practical content with 34% more likely to go viral than content they didn’t contain practical info. So make actionable content.

2nd: Next you want to make sure that you content contain at least 1900 words.

In the, analyze of 1million keyword result that content with more than 1890 words got 1st place.

3rd: you want to make infographics part of your connect marketing.

What make content go viral. Some experts discover the infographics getting average of 2.3times more shares than other normal content formats.

On Page SEO

Optimize published long tail keyword content.

Now that you have published an awesome piece of long-form content, it time to optimize it around your target keyword. Here is how.

Step 1: Make sure you published your page with a short URL

In our case study found that short URL with the keyword attended out rank long URLs.

Step 2: Include your target keyword once in the URL, title, description and first 100 words of your article.


Google puts more away on keywords that’s appear at the top of the page. So that is how to Google understand what your page all about. So, include your target keyword once in the first 100 words of your article.

Step 3: Add outpoint link to your page.

Google want know see that your content corpulence of resource on that topic. And that only possible if you link out other helpful pieces of content. In fact a recent industries study found that pages that link out consistently out rank pages that don’t link out to other website.

Off Page SEO

Step 1: Content promotion and link building

There are thousands way to link build to your website.

1st: broken link building

Find a page you want to get a link from. Then find the broken link on that page. Next let the site owner know about their broken link. Then ask for replace the broken link with your content link.

How To find pages related to you content topic

Just google it

“Keyword” + “helpful resources”

Keyword + inurl:links

This so bring a pages contain lots of external links.

How to find broken link on the page

Download and enable ‘Check my link’ extension on your brewers. So broken link will be colored red. So you can find a broken link easily.

How send an email to ask replacement

"Hi [Your name]

I was looking for some information on [topic] today when I came across your list of [topic] resources.

Great stuff!

I couldn’t help but notice that there was a broken link on the page:

[Broken link URL]

I just thought you’d like to know

Also, I recently published a guide on [topic]. It might make a nice addition to your page.

Either way, keep up the awesome work

Thank you
[Your name]"

Reduce your Website Bounce Rate Through good User Experience.

Most of first 3 Google ranked website mostly have an average of below 76% bounce rate.
So make sure you added related post widget below posts and navigation widgets to easily navigate other pages.

Now you all set. Rest in peace.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Fb auto Liker | Facebook page Liker | Facebook Liker

Through this post we bring you to FB auto liker, and facebook page liker and facebook auto liker apps and website for get free like to your photos, pages, status and more. So today you can get unlimited likes. Before we start the guide it is good to know how these auto like stuff working. Because that is good find is it harm to your facebook profile and personality or not?

So let’s read below simple introduce for how auto like works

Did you hear about Like for like method that mean you like my status and I will like your status back. Some people argue auto like  works different algorithm. But that is a wrong understanding. Auto liker process completely same as like for like. It will harm your profile, it won’t harm your profile. It depend how you use it.

Read: how to use like for like without harming your personality

In this generation youngsters addicted to facebook. They want to get likes and share more than their friends has. So they looking for a method to get more likes. Their first choice will be autolikes. They go to autolikers websites and register with their facebook account. Through this they unknowingly allow third party sites to collect their information and allow access to their personal facebook account. For an example think about you, some facebook user already registered with this auto likers sites as what you going to do, after sign up you added your post to get likes.

Then the 3rd party auto liker site chose some of their registered user to give their like to your specific post. When they want likes, in the same way, some of other registered users wants number of likes to their photos and status now your fb profile will chose by auto liker site to give some likes to other users. You may unknowingly like some posts or photos that is against your personality, which may lead you to danger.

So I think you got a basic theory about auto liker process. Now you choose, are you going to auto liker sites to get likes or not. If you want to continue, want likes to your post. Then continue this article until end.

Get facebook likes through fb auto liker and Facebook page Liker apps

  1. Login to your Facebook account and go to your user profile

  2. Click settings and go to privacy settings

  3. Then change friends into public 

  4. Now go to facebook subscriber page and turn on followers (This step allow to like, comment on your photos, status to public. Not limited to your friends on facebook)

Now is the real trick begin

  1. Use any of below website to get autolikes. (In this tutorial I used https://hublaa.me site so I recommend you to use same)
    [www.autolike.biz | www.m-autoliker.com | www.kpliker.com | www.bugsliker.com | www.autolikesgroups.net | www.devliker.com]

  2. Click genarete new token it will redirect to facebook login page  

  3. Enter your login details and login through facebook  

  4. Now it will pop up a window click OK 

  5. Now you will see another popup appear. Make only me and click OK  

  6. Another popup click OK again  

  7. So now facebook reidercted to a crash page. Copy the URL from the crash page.  

  8. Back to Hublaa page and past the copied code in to “Submit your token here field” and click login  

  9. Insert security code and click continue  

  10. Now you can see a message You are now logged in  

  11. Now you will know how to do

For more watch this video

How to remove all connection between your facebook account and hublaa website (All other 3rd party websites)

  1. Log in to your facebook account

  2. Go to facebook setting page and select apps 

  3. In the apps find the hublaa related (Remove all unknown apps for make your profile safe) remove it. 

If you like this fb auto liker article, you got something through this so please share with your friends and be smart. Have a nice day.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

How To See Private Facebook Photos Albums 2018

In this post I am going to show you how you can see private Facebook photos on someone on Facebook 2018. Once I say hidden photos that doesn’t mean you see someone private photos and these photos are hidden but not visible to you. And you can uncover any ones hidden photos.

Basically these are tag somewhere on the Facebook but it not visible on their timeline and it to you.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media in the world. There are billions of private profile in the Facebook. There are over 2.01 billion monthly active Facebook users, 1.15 billion mobile daily active users, 300 new profiles are created every minutes, there are 84 million fake profiles and finally Photo uploads total 300 million per day. Is sounds crazy. Average every users spent 30 minutes for a visit/login.

So How To See Private Facebook Photos [2018]

How To See Private Facebook Photos 2018 (Working)

  1. Go to your Facebook account and select which friend private Facebook photos you want to see on the timeline.

  2. Open the friends profile on the new tab
    so now you are on the friend timeline

  3. Copy the URL (Profile URL) and Go to findmyfbid.com and past the copied URL  

  4. Now press the find Numeric ID. Copy the numeric ID

  5. Now go to the address bar on your browser and type the below url

  6. And then past the copied Numeric ID of your friend Next to “/
    Then type "photos-of"  

  7. Final URL must be like (https://www.Facebook.com/search/Numeric ID you Pasted/photos-of)

  8. Now hit enter on your keyboard

  9. Now this page will show you all the hidden private photos of that friend. So doing this search uncover anyone hidden photos that mean tag photos which are hidden are their timeline.  

So this is how you can see someone private Facebook photos that are hidden to you.

Also read:

See Private Facebook Profile Pictures (Not Working in 2018)

  1. First step go to your friend profile timeline (Who’s private photos you want to see)

  2. Copy the profile link from the address bar

  3. Go to findmyfbid.com and past the copied URL and find the Numeric ID

  4. Go to desktop and create a new text document (Right click->New->Text document)

  5. Open new document and Past the Numeric ID for future use

  6. Copy and paste below url to your browser address bar
    https://graph.Facebook.com/Numeric ID/picture?width=520

  7. Replace the Numeric ID with copied Facebook numeric ID

See Private Pictures Someone on Facebook Using PictureMate (Working)

And another the method to see private Facebook photos

For this method a chrome browser and chrome extension needed. This method will automated the above process with simple click.

  1. So go to Chrome browser and search for PictureMate and download the chrome extension  

    Or download it from here: Download PictureMate

  2. Go to extension setting and enable PictureMateextension

  3. Go to Facebook friend profile which friend photos you want to see

  4. When you landed on your friend timeline you can see a PictureMate icon on the right upper corner on the chrome browser. So now click it.  

  5. The select view photos with ads

  6. Now the PictureMate extension will process automated to find numeric ID and photos.
    So don’t click any ads while process just ignore all ads  

If you have any problem, then don't forget to discuss with us on the comment section. Stay touch with our social media profile.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Dialog Mega Run Game Download

Hi Guys, [ Dialog Mega Run Game Download ]. Today we bring you to a new game for earn free mobile data while playing. This post especially for srilankan visitors.

Dialog Mega Run Game Download

  1. The Dialog mega run game like Subway surfer. Subway surfer also similar to temple run. Mega run featured free data for dialog customers. Even you don’t have to waste your mobile date while download dialog mega run. Because dialog refund your data wastage after downloading mega run game.

  2. While you playing dialog mega run game on your smart phone you will see a check point. When player hit the check point player can win free data and gifts by spinning the wheel. Dialog added random winning chances.

  3. You have to turn on mobile data while playing mega run game. But all data charges are free.

Mega run mobile game that created by a fixed phone operator company named Dialog axiata. They have a small number of really good adventure games. Cricket, Village cricket these are some of them. Dialog user can win star points by playing games on Self Care app. Top five players on the leader board will be awarded star Points for that month.

  1. 1st position – 1000 Star Points

  2. 2nd position – 500 Star Points

  3. 3rd position – 300 Star Points

  4. 4th & 5th position – 100 Star Points

1 Star Point is worth 1 Sri Lankan rupees. Cricket game is very easy to play. Simply hold the target and when ball come swing to ball.

To start playing Cricket

  1. Visit to Google play store and search for Dialog Selfcare app

  2. Select games

  3. Select cricket

  4. Now you can follow introduction and play the game

  5. To win Star Points take position 1-5

To Play Village Cricket

  1. Visit to Google play store and search for Dialog Selfcare app

  2. Select games

  3. Select village cricket

  4. Click play

  5. Then press ready to start your turn

  6. Swipe towards any direction with speed to bat

You are Considered Out

  • When the ball is hit on neighbor houses and towards the river.

  • 3 consecutive misses considered out

  • Ball hit on wicket, ball catch by the fielder

  • Bounced back catches when hit to the tree is considerate out

How to Score on Dialog Village Cricket

  1. To score a 6 you have to play directly out of the boundary

  2. A hit inside the boundary is considered as 1 point as well as 1 miss

  3. When the ball passes the boundary after bouncing from a tree, considered as a 4 runs

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