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Reduce Data Usage While Browsing on The Internet

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Before Reduce data usage some educational information

In this generation, we can’t see anyone without using internet, because the internet is the most useful source for information. In 2015, around 3.2 billion people used the internet, nearly half of world population. But highlighted news is that 13% of United States adults don’t use the internet. In India some of most popular stars don’t use social media networks. For example, film actors and Miss World Aishwaryarai doesn’t use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

The new update is, in 2016 more than 3.4 billion people use internet each day. (in 2011 only 2 billion people used internet)

In short internet usage:

  • Twitter-More than 350000 tweets per minute.
  • Youtube-400 hours of video uploads per day.
  • Instagram-2.5 million posts likes per minute.
  • Facebook-3 million posts created per minute.
  • Facebook-4 million posts likes per minute.
  • Google-Around 4 million searches per minute.

Maybe you get some knowledge of internet usage. Now, I am going to show you how to reduce data usage on your PC.

Disable Images

When you use internet and visit to any website you can see minimum one or two images per page. Each image size maybe above 200kb. If you disable images you can save 90% data when you browsing on the Internet.

Use opera turbo/how is it work

When you visit web pages that web page data’s go through to operate Web servers. Then Opera servers take a progress of the Web page that can be compressed, change image to pixels and correct video buffering, then it sends back to smaller sized data to your computer. Opera turbo mode available on Opera Mini, Opera for Android, Opera Max and Opera Coast.

Turn off automatic updates.

If you use so many apps on your computer, the support team update their products every month, every week or every year. if you turn on automatic update feature then when update available for your apps. Now it’s set to update automatically without any notifications. These updates waste your data lot of, so if you change update setting to “notify when update available” or “never update” then you can save lots of data.

Block pop-ups,

some  websites use pop-ups for showing their video, banner ads and subscribe button. If you don’t have to see this, block pop-ups on your browser.

More tips for Windows 8/8.1/10 stop background data wastage.

Press the Windows Button then right click any metro app and select live title off. Turn off Windows Automatic Updates my computer–>Control Panel -> large view -> Windows update -> change settings -> important update -> never check for updates turn off. Flash Player updates: My Computer -> control panel -> flash player -> advanced -> change settings -> never check for updates. Remove virus from your computer; install good antivirus software and make full scan for your computer, then remove the virus from your computer. These thinks can be helpful to reduce data usage.

If you have more amazing methods to reduce data usage don’t forget to type in comment section.

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