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Speed Up Windows 10 – 2017 Guide

Most of people who are using windows 10 they face speed problems. Computers take more time to response. These happens for when windows booting some of programs activate automatically and those running in the background. So we must speed up windows

speed up windows

How to speed up windows (5 -steps)

  1. Startup Program restrictions

For this you should be open the Task manager. For open task manager right click on the task bar select task manager or Press Ctrl+Alt+Del. then click startup tab and select programs was opened when boot and disable those.

  1. Defragment

Some time when we store files to our computer it split and saved in different places. Then when we using that file hard disk read different places. So this action decrease Our system performance. So that why we must De-fragment those fragment files.

How to de-fragment those fragment files

  1. Right click on c drive icon (Windows installed drive-Partition).
  2. Click properties
  3. Click on tool tab
  4. Then click Optimize (under Optimize and de-fragment drive
  5. Hard disk clean up

If your computer hard disk is full computer slowdown surly. For good performance the computer Minimum want 25% free. So we must uninstall unusual apps in Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features

Better if use an app like CCleaner

  1. Rearrange Appearance windows

For this first right Click on this PC and select properties. Select System setting on the opened window. Then select advance tab. Click setting button and select adjust for the best performance. It will stop unwanted appearance activities in background

  1. Use virus card

Virus will reduce pc performance as well. So use a virus card trusted and compatible with your computer.

Speed Up Windows 10 – 2017 Guide
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