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How to Find Who Views My Facebook Profile

Who views my facebook profile | Facebook is the most popular social media network in this time. It is a website that allows you to create accounts and upload videos, pictures, create pages, groups, and send messages to friends for free. Most of people don’t know about Facebook’s history and why Fb created in the start. So, I will give you sort information about Facebook’s history before I start out the guide.

who views my facebook profile

In the start, Fb was created as a way for some university friends to stay in touch when they had left college. It’s grown since then to become one of the most popular online social media networks in the world.

What are reasons that it became on the most popular online social medias in the world

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Facebook (who views my facebook profile)

1. Fb is free online social media network.

2. Available in most languages,

3. Easy to use,

4. Free to upload photos, videos and statues,

5. It’s well designed for fast browsing.

6. Compatible with mobile, desktop and tablets, and unlimited storage.

7. Non-disturb few advertisements.

8. Available groups, pages and events with online chat features.

Now there are over million profiles available on Facebook. Like, comment and sharing features, add friend features and more positive features available when someone using Facebook. Above is the useful information about Facebook.

Ok, let’s start out the tutorial about how to find who views my facebook profile

Log in to your Fb account and go to your Fb profile page.

Step 2
Right click any space on the Facebook profile page and select view page source (or Press ctrl+u). New page opened-right

Step 3
Press ctrl+f and type “intialchatfriendlist” on the search bar and hit enter.

Step 4
Now you can see numbers like ‘1000012345625161-2” I’m right, ok. Copy the numbers before “– “ .

Step 5
Type on the search bar and past the copied number after “/” . Now hit enter. You can now see someone’s Fb page.

That is the profile of “who is the girl or boy watching your account”.

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How to Find Who Views My Facebook Profile
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