Tuesday, April 18, 2017

On Page SEO Best Practices 2018

Want to get more traffic to your website or blog? This is the right place to learn about best SEO. You don’t know about SEO? Then read this first, Introduction to SEO article in this site.

On page SEO is main part of the search engine optimization. So read carefully.

On page SEO

Today I will show you in this article: How to do Onpage SEO for your blog or website

  1. What kind of plugins I used for Onpage SEO

  2. Advantage of Onpage SEO

  3. How to do Onpage SEO
Search engines aren't a hard thing, but a set of algorithms. When Google show a website in the results of first page, Google look into different factors to rank them for a keyword.  In on page SEO, we make easy to identify that targeted keyword to search engine.

This is easy and most important part of the SEO. But it’s not only solution for get first on search engine. Because search engine also look some Off page factors. Some factors below:

  1. Domain age

  2. Domain authority

  3. Backlinks

  4. Social media shares, likes, tweets and follows

  5. Google page rank
When we are doing Onpage SEO, we make some changes inside of the blog. This is not hard as Off page SEO. Search engine will look some different places and density for the searched keyword in the blog. If your blog pass all the requirements then your blog will get high rankings in search results. So we must make some changes on below parts for best SEO performance:

  1. Blog post title

  2. Post permalink

  3. Post meta description

  4. First paragraph in the post

  5. Target keyword density

  6. Media files

  7. Word count of the post

  8. Links in the post

Blog post title:

This is the important part in the post. If you use attracting words, people didn’t left without click the result in google. Try to put targeted keyword on the start of the title. If you thing that is not suitable then, put anywhere in the title. Keyword must include on the title and make title using under 65 characters. Don’t repeat keyword. It could actually affect ranking. Don’t do that.

Post permalink:

Use keyword one time in url. Don’t use any special characters, brackets, underscore and symbols. Make it nice length. Use dashes between each word.

Meta description:

Create a Meta description less than 150 characters. Put the targeted keyword(s) in the description. If, you didn’t modify post description Google will identify first 150 characters as description. So modify description tag with focus keyword(s).


You should use subheadings for highlight important points in your post. This will help to increase user interest. For best SEO,

Use only one H1 tag in each post. In WordPress usually the post title tag is set at H1 (default). So you don’t need to add any more H1 tags in the post. Try to put H2 and H3 tags as subtitles. Don’t repeat H2 and H3 tags.

First paragraph of the post:

Write your 1st paragraph clearly “What you going to explain in this post. People read first paragraph, if they seems is useful article then they didn’t back without spend some time in the site. So your bounce rate will be decrease. This is help to increase your SEOscore. Try to put focus keyword(s) anywhere in the first paragraph. This will help to increase search engine rank.

Target keyword density:

People think if they use more focus keyword in the post they get more chances to get higher rank in search engine. But it’s a fault.

Because Google and most search engines look for 1.5% of keyword density with mix of LSI keywords.


Add a minimum one image to your post. This will help to tract readers for your blog. Before upload images you should resize to fit your blog. So it’s help to increase page loading speed. Also add focus keyword on ALT tag.

How many words in the post (for best SEO score):

Use more than 500 words in each article. This not only for help to SEO. Also help to get AdSense approval fast. All the bloggers has a dream for get AdSense approval.

Links in the post:

Add some link to related posts using some related keywords in the article. So readers spend more time on your blog. Make sure your interlinking is relevant and necessary. While linking to external site, consider those are trusted or not. If you have doubt, then use a no follow tag. Because Google didn't take an advantage of Nofollow links. You must use do follow links to trust worthy site. Ex: Wikipedia, Diply. This will make your site appearance in the search result.
Try above thinks and get best seo result on Onpage SEO. If you have any doubt, ask free in comment section. Don’t forget to share this useful information with your friends. This is the help from you we expect.  Thank you and happy blogging.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide 2018

Let us know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Everyone who owns a blog or website should know about SEO. So we decided to write an article about SEO for our users. So we titled this article as Understanding search engine optimization (SEO).

What is SEO?

You know that the world largest search engine is Google. When you type any term on the Google search bar you can see millions of results. Just  think about it, let’s say you create a blog about laptops. You wrote an article about DELL laptop, then you want to get first result on Google for Keyword “DELL LAPTOP”.

However, millions of websites have similar ideas like your website. In this timeCan we get our blog to be the 1st result in Google result for the keyword “DELL LAPTOP”?

Of course not.

In such a case, you should set up a SEO for your website. If you do add SEO to your website correctly, you can get the 1st result on Google search engine.

What are the advantages of SEO?

You know, we are all creating our websites or blogs with the intention of getting readers to our site. But is the true story is readers will not come to our site ordinarily. So, we will have to do some various methods and work hard for this. The advantage of SEO is we can get visitors to our site without too much effort.  Here we will get organic traffic for specific keywords.  For example, a search for the keyword “DELL LAPTOP” is on the 1st page in Google result, you can imagine how much traffic can get through to those websites.

So if, like this few good keywords get first place on Google search result then thousands of people will come to your website. So, now very easy to make money via Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing. As a result, the world's Web sites and blogs owners doing this SEO. In some cases, they spend lot of money for this. Because it has so many advantages for them.

How to do SEO?

For this you need to do first, find good and suitable keywords to add to your website or blog. This is known as Keyword Research in SEO. You have chosen the best keywords, the web site should be done with some activities inside and outside for it to get top place in the search engine.  We introduce this as on page SEO (activities carried in, in the site) and off page SEO (activities carried out in the site) in SEO.

Find the best keyword for your website

The Google is use special algorithm for ranking website. Many factors are affected when Google ranks a website for one of the specific keywords. They can be divide in two main parts as the following:

1.       Including proper information for the keyword and easy to navigate.

2.       Reputation for the website on the Internet .

First, you must choice the best keywords that suit your site. For this, make a list for all suitable keywords. When you make the keyword list don’t forget to get ideas from your friends and/or website creator. Where you could still get a large number of different ideas more than you think. Create your list that includes a minimum of 100 keywords.  After you create the keyword list, you should analyse those keywords one by one.

You must put your focus on the following issues in the analysis:

1.       Place of the website in the search result

2.       Total searches for the specific keyword last month

3.       Is the keyword searches increase of decrease

4.       Which country or state user most search that keyword

For the above analysis you can use paid or free tools. We listed few good keyword research tools below:

Free tools:

1.       Google adword keyword planner

2.       Google trends

3.       Google correlate

4.       IM for SMB Bulk Keyword Generator

5.       keyword in

Paid tools:

1.       SEMrush

2.       Longtail PRO

3.       Buzzsumo

4.       SERPwoo

5.       Market samurai

If you are new to keyword research you should try the free tools first. After you get experience in keyword research it’s better to go with paid tools.

When you start, try following free tools first

1). Google Adword Keyword Planner

This tool is introduced for Google advertiser to select their keyword. But it’s also free one for webmasters. We can use it legally.  Webmasters can collect information about:

1.       Monthly, yearly searchers for keyword

2.       How popular keyword

3.       How much I can earn for one valid click

4.       How much I can earn for 1000 impression

5.       Related keywords

2). Google trends

This is also a Google product. We can collect below information.

1.       Trending keyword by different category

2.       Top searched keyword on the specific county

If you like to use paid tools. We recommend SEMrush and Market Samurai. Those are easy and valuable.

We write more about on page and off page SEO in next article, so don’t forget to bookmark the Understanding search engine optimization (SEO) page. If you have any question about SEO. Feel free to ask in comment section below.

Monday, April 10, 2017

New Features of Facebook 2018 [Guard]

In this post I will show you, 3 top features on facebook. New Features of Facebook 2018 [Guard]

Activate SMS feature on Facebook Messenger

Facebook for many people is the “King” of all social media, and it just got better.  The newest version of Facebook Messenger introduced a new feature, that is you can get SMS to your messenger inbox. So now users can read and reply to their SMS messages when they are on FB Messenger. This feature is only available for android users. To activate this service:

Go to Settings on Messenger->Select SMS option-> Turn on Default SMS app.

Now users can discuss many things easily with their friends. In this application, showing Messenger messages with blue color and SMS messages with Purple. Users can send not only normal messages they can send images, voice messages, stickers, locations, GIF and Video calls. These messages don't get stored on Facebook servers. Normal SMS chargers and data charges maybe apply.

Delete old searches on Facebook

We use the FB search box for find our friends, pages and groups. Sometimes we search for someone who we don't like or useless keywords, when we try to do a new search the dropdown menu displays older search terms. This happens because of Facebook’s auto storage facility. You can turn off this feature if you like.

To do so follow these steps:

Step 1:

Above the cover picture on your Profile page, you will see a circled question mark, click there for a drop down menu and select "activity log".

Step 2:

On this activity page, you can see posted photos, comments and more. So, click the “More”

button and select “search” button.

Step 3:

Now, you can see what words you searched on Facebook with the time and date of the search displayed.

Step 4:

You can now select “clear search” and clear all older searches.

TheTechSky: How to find who recently visited to my Facebook profile
How To See Hidden Friends on Facebook

Remotely logout of Facebook

If you forgot to logout of Facebook on a public computer (Internet cafĂ©, library or your home computer), fear not, you can logout from all those from another computer. For this follow the below few steps: 

Step 1:

Go to setting


Click security

Step 3:

Where you’re logged in ->hit end activity to logout remotely.

I think you learned 3 top  features on facebook and how to use it, If you have any question feel free to ask in comment section or contact form.