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Best Free Movie Apps for Android and iPhone 2018

Best free movie apps for android and iPhone

Movies and sports are the best entertainment in the world.[Best free movie apps for android and iPhone] Someone hardly addicted for movies. Someone addicted for sports. You can spent your free time on watching movies. When you tired, on a trip, boring time you can watch useful movies. Films are useful for different type of goals. As well as information and education. Is the movie main purpose is information, the film is called “documentary film”. Is the film main purpose is education, then the film named “Education films”.

Some films are used for new inventions. The film producer imagined and included lots of new things to the produced film. This idea is sometimes helped scientists to invent new inventions. Film can help you to teach or learn English. Also supporting students to increase all 4 communicative levels. Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing can be practice from a whole film or series.

Film category and small description


Sci-fi means science fiction. Science fiction short form SCI-FI, Scifi, scientific. The type of film or series that is filmed about science and imaginary environment, characters and events.

• Interstellar
• Alien
• Inception
• Avatar
• The martian


Documentary film is a non-fictional film. It is based a true story, Historical moment, educational purpose, and purposes of instruction. Documentary films help to develop knowledge. Most useful for student and learners.

• The cove
• Tashi and the monk
• Man on wire
• Black fish
• Lion

Animated films: Paintings, specific drawings, captured by frames. Usually Frame rate is 24 frames per second.

Silent films: Film with only visual no sounds

Short films: Under 40 min movies

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Flashlight notification app for android | iPhone

People can watch and download movies through online streaming sites, Online download site and through Android and iPhone apps. So today I bring you to the best movie apps for android and iPhone. So you can download these app from Google play store and apple store. If you didn't find the app download link. Simply search it on google play store. Some are from 3rd party website. Don’t worry. Here I listed all links are trustable. So you don’t have to worry about virus scams. These all applications absolutely free to use. My best choice is Showbox. It’s really comfortable to use. So I ranked as 1. Showbox works fine with android smartphones. I did not face any issues from Showbox when I use.

Free Movie Apps

  1. Showbox 

    ShowBox app is a great app with so much features. You can download and watch online films and tv series from your android device.The app has great trend that is searched and downloaded by thousands and thousands of people around the world. Also PC version is available. You can download Showbox from official ShowBox website. Because it’s unavailable on plays store.

  2. Tubitv App 

    The app is available on Google play store and apple store. It has Rating: 4.1 and ‎154,146 votes on the Google playstore and Rating: 3.8 and ‎5 reviews on the apple store. Users can watch full HD movies without cracking. Tubi TV offers free latest movies and TV shows streaming online. No subscription fees, and no credit cards required.

  3. MovieHD 

    The MoviesHD created by HD Cinema and Sky HD. In this time the app is not available on Google play store. But you can download and use from the official site. It is available for android and iphone devaices. App facility is really good. If you seeking for HD, You should try this first.

  4. Crackle 

    Two Crackle aplications available on the internet. The real one has Rating: 3.7 - ‎382,756 votes on the Google play store and Rating: 2.6 - ‎70 reviews on the apple store. Crackle is the best one to stream hollywood films. The only con is you cannot download directly films through Crackle android and IOS app. Crackle helps television streaming to watch films on the bigger displays

  5. Hubi 

    Hubi also a good movies download app. We added Hubi to the list because Hubi servers’ collects downloads and provide you to their server links. So download speed is faster than normal downloading speed. presently, they supports 39 hosts. So you have more than one link option to select to faster download.

  6. Popcorn Flix 

    Its sounds like netfilx. But it’s free. Popcorn offer full length free movies to stream. Users can watch movies from different genre for free of cost. Popcorn flix currently has more than 700 films in their app. They don’t collect any fees to download app or watching movies through the app.

  7. SnagFilms 

    SnagFilms is one of the best movie streaming site. They offer different genre movies by different centuries. Documentary, thriller, TV series, action, romance and more genre available on their database. Before start watching movies you need to create an account on the official snagfilm website for access the app. The app has more than 5000 films on their database. Google play store Rating: 3.7 and ‎5,082 votes.

  8. Hotstar (India Only) 

    Hostars is only available for indian user. There has a free plan to use without including credit cards details. Hotstar offer sports, tv channels, live cricket streaming, movies in Hindi, Tamil, Bengali and much more languages. If you are Live in Australia USA, UAE, UK, Canada, or any other country. You cannot access to Hotstar, because Hotstars is geo blocked source.

  9. Internet Archive 

    The app is not much popular. One of the best user friendly free movie apps for android and iPhone. Lot of genre available also it can be sort by date added, popularity or hand-picked movies. You can download the app from apple store and Google play store. Apple store Rating: 2.8 - ‎9 reviews and Google play store Rating: 3.2 - ‎123 votes. There are no paid subscriptions or credit cards required. Even account signup.

  10. Netflix 

    Netflix is a world famous streaming premium app for android and IOS users. Actually Netflix is a premium subscription service for stream TV series and films on your android phone and iPhone. We added Netflix to this Best free movie apps for android and iPhone list because there has an option for free 30 day trail period. So you can subscribe for a 30 days free subscription using a virtual credit card.
    Download Netflix

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How To Hide Friends List On Facebook 2018-2019

How to hide friends list on Facebook  in 2018-2019 | “With the development of technology, the world has become a global village”. This saying is famous in today’s society. As is see it, this technological development has become a burden to man.

Today, it is very difficult to find a person who doesn't talk about Facebook, as it provide many facilities such as Skype and chatting. People can makes profiles by using pictures and various videos. Facebook makes people famous. Children, teenagers and adults use Facebook. We can communicate with people around the world. But everybody must know the limits of using Facebook.

If you misuse it you can fall in to trouble. When we read newspapers we find that people have ruined their lives, murders, unethical and illegal affairs and criminal acts. All due to fb. However, as the saying goes “too much of anything is good for nothing”, we must be careful when we use Facebook. The authorities should warn people about the good and bad side of Facebook. They must have limitations and control the use of fb. Otherwise it is better to ban Facebook in our country.

So people facing lots of problems via fb. In the meantime fb included some features avoid crimes and illegal affaires. Each Facebook customer has their own specific view to control their Facebook account. If you are a fb user you can hide your profile pics, friends list, photo album, contact details such as phone number and email address and also your timeline and shared post.

If you are feeling unsafe to share your friends list with other Fb users. This guide will help you to hide friends list on Facebook with easy steps. Facebook gives a chance to hide Facebook friends list from others.

If you are in an emergency you can simply click and watch this video tutorial. So you will know privacy safe method to hide facebook list
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Follow these steps to hide friends list on Facebook


At first go to and login to your Facebook account using your username and password


Then, Click on your profile and visit to your profile page


Now, You will see friends option under the facebook profile cover photo. So now click it.


Click at the top of the page on the pencil mark and select edit privacy from the dropdown menu.


You will see three options

  1. Who can see your friend list

  2. Who can see the people and lists you follow


Then select only me from the dropdown menu

If you want to hide your followers and who you follows from others. Make all settings to only me from the three dropdown menu.

In 2017, I searched all over the internet, forums, facebook groups and asked editors for get the information to hide mutual friend list on fb. But all they answered you cannot hide mutual friends in 2017, there are no option fb provided to do this. So mutual list is always visible to your friends and  users. People can always see mutual friends. If I got a solution for this problem. then, I will surly update this post. So you guys don't forget to bookmark this page.

If you know any solution for this, then don't forget to share. Comment section always available to discussions. If you got something informative from this page. Share with your friends. It will helps them too.

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Flashlight Notification App for Android AND iPhone

Flashlight notification app for android and iPhone

Flashlight notification app for android and iPhone | How to turn ON/OFF flashlight notification on an android smart phone? Turn ON/OFF flashlight on an iPhone? What are the advantage of Flashlight notification app? What are the disadvantage of Flashlight notification app? How to install and how to use it? Where I can download Flashlight notification app for android, iPhone? What are the best Flashlight notification apps? Are you finding answer for these question? Then you are arrived at a right place. This simple article will help you to solve all the problems with flashlight.

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What are the advantage of Flashlight notification app?

Just think, suppose you have your phone on a table and you just watching a movie at night. You just set your phone into silent mode and you forgot about it. In the meantime if someone called you or messaged you for an any emergency. Now you going to miss it. If you had already installed the flashlight notification app in your phone, then you don’t have to worry about. You surely will get attention for the camera flashes. No call miss. No message miss.  You can get Notifications When Your Screen is off.

Some smartphones have an integrated notification LED. If you had this type of smartphone. You can have different colors for different notification.  This feature depend on your phone’s hardware.

*Nexus 4
*Galaxy S III
*HTC phones
*Latest Motorola, Have this features

You have this type of phone and you want to turn off flash notification. You don’t know how to do this. Then simply download a Flashlight notification app for android. Installed to your phone and turn OFF notification flashes through the app.

What are the disadvantage of Flashlight notification app?

The App will always run in the background. So it take some RAM for process. Also battery power (01%). It will littlie reduce your phone performance (0.01%).

Where can I download Flashlight notification app for android, iPhone? What are the best?

Go to these link and download to your phone through playstore

How to install and how to use it?

Getting Started:

Download and Install any of above app to your phone and use it. or if you have a latest integrated notification LED enabled phone then try this....

Go to Settings and scroll down and select Accessibility 
Scroll down and add tick mark to flash notifications (In the Hearing section). 

If you want to turn this off un-tick flash notifications

I hope you got something new and informative from this Flashlight notification app for android | iPhone article. I am also learning about technology. So if you know something new and useful about this topic. Don’t forget to share your knowledge with our blog readers. So use the comment section for share your knowledge with me and blog readers. I want your opinion for make this blog informative.

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How To Create Fake ID For Facebook Account Verification

Create fake id for Facebook is very easy task. Before we going to create fake id for facebook, we want to know why Facebook ask for an Government ID for verification.

Why Facebook ask for an ID?

Facebook is the most popular social media in the world. Lot of people using Facebook to share their activities with others. Facebook released a new information about fake fb accounts. That is Facebook has around 170 million fake users.

They tries to make Facebook clean and neat. So if you recently did anything that Facebook does not allow to do, then Facebook temporary block your account and add your account to review section, which for looking your account is fake or real.

What are the Facebook activities take your account into danger zoon?

#Uses third party plug-ins
#Send too many friends request per day
#Join too many groups in a day
#Accept too many friend request within little time
#Spam posting
#adding fake details to your Facebook account information page
#Sending friend request to unknown people

So if you did anything above listed activities. They surely add your account to danger zoon. If they did, then Facebook ask for an id to confirm your true details.

How to Create Fake ID for Facebook

There are too many method available for create fake id for Facebook.

  1. By Creating a Fake Government ID with Photoshop. For this you want knowledge about graphic designing.

  2. Generate a Fake Facebook ID using Mobile applications like Fake ID Generator. For this no need any graphic designing knowledge. Simple Smart Phone and a person image is enough.
    You can download it from google Image search.

How to Unlock You Facebook account with Fake Government ID

Using your phone to create fake facebook ID

(1) Go to play store and search for “Fake ID Generator” or go to the link Click for link

(2) Download the fake ID Generator and Installs to your phone

(3) Open Fake ID Generator application 

(4) Click Create ID and Select Blueprint ID or Employee Badge or Generic ID, Student ID (Include fields date of birth and Country) 

(5) Select Photo and upload your face photo with simple background  

Add name, your date of birth and county (Provide as on Facebook account) and other details
ensure you have comparable name, area, Date of birth, and other data in fake government id and Facebook account.

(6) Then click blue Green right icon and click save.

(7) Go to your gallery and open the ID image

(8) You will see a watermark named Fake ID Generator

(9) Clear that watermark using any software such as Photoshop, paint or any other image editing software’s.

(10) Go to and login using your user name and password. In this step they ask for an ID screenshot for verify your account.

(11) So upload the edited fake ID Generator photo and submit to Facebook

You have to wait 2 or 3 days to get your Facebook account back.

Using your Desktop to create fake facebook ID

(1) Download any ID photos from google and Photoshop it or Download Android emulator and Use your desktop as a android phone. Then follow the Using your phone to create fake fb ID introductions. DONE

You followed this create fake id for Facebook method and got your id back. Then don’t forget to share with your friends. This will helps them also. If you had any problem in this method then don’t forget to discuss with us in the comment section.

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Facebook Sticker Meanings - Meep, Emoji, Mood, Emoticons

From this article you will know Facebook sticker meanings with sticker preview. Facebook introduced facebook stickers (Meep Stickers, emoji, Mood, Facebook Emoticons) a few months ago. So now, facebook users can use mood stickers on their chat conversation, Comments and Status. Meep stickers are very popular stickers on the facebook platform. People love to use, because receiver can understand easily what the sticker says.

Still some facebook users don’t know how to use these stickers and what facebook stickers meaning. I’m sharing with you the meanings of every, and each Meep sticker mood.

How to use facebook stickers

If you want to add stickers to your conversation when you middle of chatting, just click on the smiley face at the bottom-right of the message writing box. Now you will see small popup with sticker packs. Then first select sticker pack and then select wich sticker you want to send.

Where can I download free facebook stickers?

When you saw the small popup with sticker packs, click on the shopping card icon. So now you can download free stickers for easy use.

You can also download different type of facebook stickers meanings on private website. After facebook launch the stickers for chat, and commenting 3rd party website also starts to sell stickers. Free and paid stickers available to download. If you want more amazing stuff just ggogle it. you will huge amount results.

Facebook sticker meanings and sticker preview

#Shocked, Surprised

#Angry or frustration



#Shy, Done something crazy

#Grin,big grin, joked or something funny is going in the conversation

#Angel,Got some new ideas


#Slightly whiny and pout

#Geek, Geek sticker, fixed a problem by yourself


#Baby face, eating

#Vomit,Some thing sucks

#Tongue, Silly, Stupid, Joke, something funny


#Cool, At a beach


#Heart eyes, romantic chats, good to see you,good to know that

#Furrow,Angry face sticker,furrow and creased.

#Fascinated, Star-struck




#Thinking, Not sure






#Really Whiny, Pouty